Big Download's 10 most anticipated spring quarter 2009 games

Ah, spring. It's the season for renewal where trees grow back their leaves, grass pops back up out of the ground and there's a general sense of optimism in the air (except for Cubs fans, but that's a completely different story). Oddly enough in past years the PC game industry has used the spring quarter (April-June) to take something of a break. In 2008 only one major PC game, Age of Conan, was released during the spring quarter.

That's not the case for the 2009 spring season, however. There are quite a few major titles coming out for our platform in the next three months. So much so, in fact, that Big Download was actually able to pick 10 games that they are most looking forward to playing. And believe it or not it was a hard list to decide on; they left out quite a few games that also look promising but in their view didn't look quite as good as the 10 games on this list. As always keep in mind that release dates for games can, and ususally do, change so it's very possible that one or more of these titles may not make their spring release dates.

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