Who Won the Game Developers Conference?

Which of the big three (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) had the best showing at the Game Developers Conference?

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chaosatom3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

"God of War III and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves were also shown behind closed doors"

"multiplatform CryEngine 3 was also shown at the event with the Playstation 3 version running impressively (even better than the Xbox 360)"

I think we all the saw the leaked footage of gow3, and uncharted 2 to decide on who the winner is.

- Ghost of Sparta -3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

"This year's Game Developers Conference was quite the opposite for Microsoft from last year's event. Many thought that they would reveal their 2009 lineup just like last year. That couldn't be further from the truth. They have virtually nothing to show on the exclusive games front aside from a vague hint at Fable 3."

Quoted for truth.

I like this website. If this were G4TV they'd be like "Microsoft by far" even though they didn't do or show anything.

GWAVE3491d ago

Well, the competition was between Nintendo and Sony. Did Microsoft even show up?

Danja3491d ago

Of course M$ showed up , but the security at the front searched them and found stolen Exclusives on them hence they were detained.. :)

Domenikos3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Developers, studios and of course... gamers.

i almost forgot... Sony... ;)

Dark General3491d ago

I'd say Media Molecule was the big winners.

Ausbo3491d ago

the game developers conference is for the developers it isn't a matter of who of the big 3 wins. That is for E3. The only group that wins are the developers. Sure microsoft didn't show anything for us but they showed stuff for the developers. This article obviously doesn't know what gdc is for, it is not E3. Sony will have a better lineup than xbox in 09, but are sony fanboys so desperate that they need to win gdc when it clearly doesn't matter?

Smacktard3491d ago

I agree completely with Ausobo. Unfortunately, most people don't realize this. Sigh.

Aquanox3491d ago

GDC are not for showing off, it's much more developer oriented. At E3 or TGS you can talk about "winners",

No FanS Land3491d ago

It's more at the E3 and lepzeig, because at TGS, Nintendo never shows up or almost

Amanosenpai3491d ago

MS is for developers, and MS tools for developers are far better than Sonys gimmik not STANDARIZED tools... You still need to check and cross your fingers to know if the next title will get trophies or ingame music.


No Way3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Sooooo, you like the site because they put Microsoft down? o.O
Lmao.. Nice reason! -.-

Besides, like Ausbo said, this is not E3. GDC isn't focused on games.

Good Win for you Sony Fanboys, though! w00tWooT! /sarcasm

Fox013491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

For me... Uncharted 2. Too bad they didn't show Alan Wake or Heavy Rain.

barom3491d ago

I'm quite surprised at how weak of a showing MS had. I actually think they had nothing. Am I wrong? Did MS reveal anything at all? Cause I truthfully can't remember.

GWAVE3491d ago

I love how some people are crying "GDC isn't for announcing games! GDC isn't for announcing games!" yet last year at GDC when Microsoft announced several big-name games (including Gears of War 2) you kids were shouting "In your face, Sony! Look at all of the 360's games!!!"


tehReaper3491d ago


Ohh, really? I remember seeing Cliffy B tearing through a wall with a fake chainsaw, not anyone from Microsoft. GDC is all about developers.

ChozenWoan3491d ago


They walked away with the most press. Heck we are still 2 inches from drowning in great articles about their service.

Anon19743490d ago

I go to conferences all the time and when I get back to the office, the first question people pose to me isn't "So, who won?"
That's ridiculous. It's a conference. It's meant to be informative to the participants involved. If it does this then the conference is a success. I can kinda understand people looking at an obvious media event like E3 and picking who was the most exciting, but a games developer conference? Give me a break!

Jake11113490d ago

First the author says that Sony only showed games they previously announced and announced a few more which didnt really present anything new.

Then he gives Nintendo first place with this comment. "As expected, they spotlighted Punch-Out!! and Excitebots: Trick Racing on the Nintendo Wii front. Nintendo also beefed up WiiWare and Virtual Console by announcing Final Fantasy games on those downloadable services. The Virtual Console Arcade category was also added to the Virtual Console."

LOL.. So he contradicted himself by saying Nintendo showed games they already expected to see....

I dont care how many sites are paid by Nintendo and Microsofts ads. They will never hide the fact that SONY is clearly the best console to buy this gen.

I have all 3 consoles.. I havent played 360 or Wii for almost 6 months and when I do it is only for a few minutes..



Aquanox3490d ago

@No FanS Land -

Nintendo's Conferences have been deplorable in the last years. We're fine with MS and Sony.

stevenhiggster3490d ago

Sorry but I didn't realise it was a competition!

But if it was Sony would've won it ;-)

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Chris Hansen3491d ago

I think the real question is Did Microsoft even show ANYTHING?

Why dis3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

GDC Does is matter?

MS could have easily shown many of the games we know are in development for the 360. The negative connotation is wrong and doesn't match reality.

They're not in last place.

Go ahead and read the article again or for the first time.

edhe3490d ago

Not this time.. no.

Got to wonder what the publisher of Halo3 and Gears will be doing with the moneydollars for E3 this year.

ultimolu3490d ago

If that's your best defense Why Dis, then I feel sorry for you. xD

Jockamo3490d ago

...sooooo Microsoft showed a key component to their DEVELOPERS.

I can show off my Halloween costume at the company Christmas Party.

So does it suddenly turn into a Halloween Costume Competition?

Sony fanboys are looking for wins wherever they can justify em...

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3491d ago
xabmol3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Wow, I thought you were just being sarcastic. Now I know your just being (What's a nice way of putting it?) crass.

Insomnia_843491d ago

you're not being sarcastic?

Sarcasm3491d ago

lol you guys thought he was being sarcastic.

Really opens up your eyes on how sad people can be doesn't it?

ps921173491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I wanted to see what being a 360er felt like lol, but point still sticks, I got 2 agrees.

plz don't take bubbles away o_o

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Jockamo3490d ago

oh wait, you're not being SARCASTIC?