Happy People, Angry People And A 'Modern Warfare 2' Trailer Debut

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"I experienced a most unusual moment last week: reading angry comments online about a newly unveiled trailer, while the people behind the trailer looked over my shoulder.

How can something that thrills a developer so anger a gamer?"

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swiftshot933580d ago

but in Infinity Ward's case, they shouldnt give 2 sh1ts. They KNOW they created what is possibly one of, if not the greatest FPS of all time.

P.S. All Ghilled up is the coolest level in a FPS I've personally played :D

chaosatom3580d ago

People were happy because MW2 is coming, not because the trailer was any good.

I know that MW2 is going to be awesome, but that was a waste of a teaser trailer. Hope they do something a lot better in E3

Max Power3580d ago

would like to have seen gameplay, to see how much of a leap it looks.

Jinxstar3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

It was a teasrer. it was to let you know "We are making it" and to me thats all that matters. 11/10 release date is just around the corner. How dissapointed could you be. I honestly feel they should show absolutely no gameplay and ban mags from showing pics in their review. Imagine how awesome it would be to load up and see the first time=D I would be stoked.

Max Power3580d ago

there have been better teasers than that, which have shown gameplay. take a look at God of War III, first thing you saw was gameplay with out the HUD or anything, and what do we get for MW2, a stupid equalizer for an elevator.

peeps3580d ago

when GOW 3 was first announced the teaser was v short and all cgi. The trailer(s) that followed contain gameplay...

Max Power3580d ago

ok fair enough the first teaser of GoWIII may have been cgi...but i will counter with Uncharted 2...bam! all in game engine baby, just like 1.

Sitdown3579d ago

The problem with you bringing up Uncharted that in your originally argument you stated that you wanted to see gameplay....and of course "all in game engine " does not equate to gameplay.

Unless you are taking the KZ2/GG route...then that would be negotiable.

Max Power3579d ago

with the Uncharted games is that those cut scense use the same models as the actual gameplay it self.

solidsnakus3579d ago

wtf... who here is suprised by them announcing MW2?? of course it was coming this year, and let me take a wild guess, cod7 is coming next year in november being made by treyark as we type.

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BlazeKush4203580d ago

They should make the Storyline longer on the PS3. Because they can.

DNAgent3580d ago

They should make the game a little better on the PS3. I have the first one on the PS3 (well, i'm gonna sell that garbage soon) and they didn't support it at all aside from trying to make more money off of people with lame map packs (though you can easily get them for free off of a friend who already bought them). I won't even be playing this game and there is really no need to. COD4 may have been the best fps in the year that it came out because it really had no competition but Killzone 2 came out this year so I don't need another shooter (especially one that is mediocre compared to Killzone 2).

The only shooter I would buy next would be Quantum Theory or Duke Nukem Forever. Killzone 2 will last me a long time (and it is lasting a long time).

Jadaking3580d ago

Dont care about the title as long as its modern warfare 2 made by infinity ward. Their beyond that cod title

deepio3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

I think Geoff Keighley shot himself and the developers in the foot by starting the hype machine. Everyone knew MW2 was coming out already and the teaser provided nothing else. So all Geoff did was get everyone excited about nothing.

Still, hopefully we'll get to see some gameplay at E3.

peeps3580d ago

It's just idiots jumping up and down going 'wheres the gameplay!!! that's rubbish!!!' - it's a teaser trailer people, it's a trailer that basically announces a new game and very few teaser trailers (for the big games at least) contain any gameplay what so ever.

kz2 teaser, gow teaser, gow3 teaser, bioshock 2 teaser etc etc... so i dunno why theres suddenly an uproar when a teaser doesn't show gameplay...

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