Why GDC 2009 Was a Wasted Opportunity

G4TV writes: "The G4 crew is back from Game Developers Conference 2009 and while I'm proud of everyone's contributions, I'm also annoyed with how numerous publishers are using GDC as a mini-E3. GDC is a fantastic event that hosts some of the most brilliant and creative minds in game development from around the world. Unfortunately, too many publishers decided to hold game demos at the show. Publishers had a great deal of the gaming press focused on product rather than talent. This was such a shame; instead of helping outlets educate their audiences about game development and raise the profile of game designers, publishers generated more preview coverage than features on their developers. This absolutely flies in the face of what GDC is all about and I'm disappointed that the show was used in such a manner."

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SasanovaS7773488d ago

for microsoft, yes, for sony? not so much. make the article about how microsoft doesnt have anything to show because im pretty sure GDC did its justice for the PS3 community

KionicWarlord2223488d ago

this gdc was talked more about nintendo. Sony did announce some stuff. Microsoft taled about kodu and community games will have avatar in game options....not much. but g4 is right it was very bland. e3 will be the megaton of announcements on everyones part.

- Ghost of Sparta -3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )


- Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 revealed for PS3 with tons of exclusive content including online co-op, new playable characters, new enemies/bosses, 1080p, improved graphics, etc
- God of War 3 was shown
- Uncharted 2 was shown, coming this year
- 4 new games were revealed accidentally
- Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time was announced, coming this year

It's been one hell of a week for PS3 owners.


- E74 error on the rise since NXE
- Huxley for 360 still in limbo
- Alan Wake is still sleeping

G4TV = Pro-Microsoft. They completely ignored everything that was shown for PS3, it's no wonder they're disappointed.

SasanovaS7773488d ago

i liked it. i guess because many of my questions were answered, and new questions came up, speculations and rumors, it not only fulfilled my curiosity, but also gave me something more to hope for and look forward to come other for the PS3, it definitely delivered. not too little, not too much. it gave me 4 new PSN titles to look forward to, gameplay for uncharted 2, a sneak peek at the God of war 3, new ratchet and clank, a possible ps2 price drop, new motion controller to compete with wii, and so much more. i have to disagree with the article, even if they have few points correct

KionicWarlord2223488d ago make me not want to be a xbox 360 owner.but i must rise up to the future opportunity`s.

Thoreau3488d ago

micro needs this game, so the game will be ready soon, at least by E3. i do agree with the fact that micro wasted their opportunity to get ahead of sony and nintendo. G4tv is the 360 fan show and there was simply nothing to see as far as micro game announcements. sony is primed and pumped. people mocked sony for stating that this race is a marathon, so if you put all your eggs in micro's basket, be ready for a stinky stained basket. as far as ninten, they are in a interesting position, in the sense that they have the largest base. the only problem is will that base transfer to the next nintendo system?

i never watch g4tv.there is no diane mizota;(