GiantBomb Review: Resistance: Retribution

GB writes: "Sony made a wise choice in tapping its Bend, Oregon studio to bring the Resistance franchise to the PSP. While other developers have had varying amounts of success in designing console-style action games for the PSP's limited input scheme, Bend did a great job mapping two quality Syphon Filter games to those controls. That expertise has carried over to Resistance: Retribution, a third-person shooter that fills in some background for Insomniac's newest franchise and offers impressive visuals and satisfying action, by PSP standards."

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farhsa20083583d ago

great game, been playing this lately and it is really fun

SRU96003583d ago

I wish I could try a PSP before buying one.

I play mostly FPS and TPS games, and everyone and their mother says that shooter games on the PSP suck (because of the lack of a second analog stick).

I'm afraid that the day after I buy one Sony will announce a new model with a second analog stick.

DNAgent3583d ago

Usually I hate shooters on handhelds because of the controls but Resistance: Retribution does a really good job with the controls it is given. Plus, you can always hook up the game to the PS3 and play with the sixaxis (I think you need Resistance 2 to do that though) and doing so also ups the difficulty of the AI (so I hear). It's one shooter I don't mind playing on PSP.