Missed Opportunities: Lionhead Could Have Made LittleBigPlanet

Kotaku: "Peter Molyneux still wouldn't give up the goods on his new game at the "Lionhead Experiment Revealed" panel, but he did give us a glimpse into how Lionhead let LittleBigPlanet slip through their fingers.

The studio that brought us Black & White and the Fable games has a creative process called "experiments" where anybody in the company can take a stab at developing a game mechanic or a piece of technology to be used in a future Lionhead game. The process sounds a bit more rigorous than Bungie pre-Halo 3; but it yields some pretty interesting results.

Molyneux showed off some of these experiments - ones that worked and ones that didn't quite pan out. We saw two prototypes of the dog from Fable II: the first was a rewards system where you could pet the dog a la Nintendogs (which Lionhead eventually chucked; and the second was a mechanic of having the dog run ahead of the player instead of following behind (the status quo in the final game).

We also saw a host of technical developments - like an aging system that applies a layer of wear and tear to everything in the world (murderizes the rendering rates), and a one-button combat system where the computer decides how the character attacks based on proximity to a target (which sort of made it into Fable II).

But the most interesting thing was a "tech demo" called "The Room" - made with love by Alex, Mark and Dave. As in Mark Healey, Alex Evans, Dave Smith - three out of the four guys that formed Media Molecule which went on to make LittleBigPlanet."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3491d ago

And they did'nt so its their loss.They only made one decent game for 360 that had a broken co-op,poor story direction,and overpriced DLC.

GiantEnemyCrab3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Yeah, take it from a guy who knows nothing about Fable besides what he reads on the internet.

So what direction did the story take that you thought was poor?

The CoOp was never broken, it just was not what everyone wanted/expected. Overpriced DLC? You mean the 1 piece of DLC out for the game. How was that overpriced?? I agree their pub games XBLA game should of been free but you didn't have to buy it and could play all those pub games inside Fable 2 without having to purchase it.

I really enjoyed Fable and Fable 2, the latter even more. I thought it was one of the best RPG's of 08 next to Fallout 3.

pswi603491d ago

doesn't he sound like Zhuk crab?

but you like Zhuk, don't you....

sunnygrg3491d ago

I dont think Lionhead is capable of LBP.

ActionBastard3491d ago

I owned Fable 2 and yes, co-op was broken. The $10 3hr DLC was/is a rip off and it was one of the only RPGs I've played without dying. Def better than Fable, but that's not saying much.

LeonSKennedy4Life3491d ago

Lionhead USED to be capable of LBP...but a lot of their talent has left.

Media Molecule is full of sheer geniuses. I'm so excited for Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic on the PSN!

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BGDad3491d ago

Sorry I know little kids like it but if you are grown man playing this you have some serious issues... Sorry.. I know it hurts..

Elven63491d ago

A grown man playing a M rated game? You considering that bad? hunh????

Sharpshell3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

but I daresay it wouldn't have been the same game. You can tell if you follow MM at all and the flood of awards they have received over LBP that its a a company of a few induviduals (i think i have heard 60) every single one who really contributed to the game on a huge level.

edit: if you disagree please tell me why? You think that LBP would be the same game? What if MM made Fable 2... would it be the same game?

spunnups3491d ago

here's an agree and a bubble for you and the guy below me to counter the phantom disagreer's

Sharpshell3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

thanks for being cool on N4g... its rare these days... have a bubble

edit: also anyone has seen this video (i have) will know how different it is from LBP

Jinxstar3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

They could have made it for PS3 only because MS wont allow User generated content or anything free on live.

Disagree if you want but I still have the Titan Pack... among other things...

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