Blizzard Denies Xbox 720 rumors

Gamespot: As the 2009 Game Developers Conference heated up last week, so too did the game-industry rumor mill. The spark was a report on bearing the seemingly unequivocal headline "Blizzard in talks with Microsoft for next Xbox."

The title alone stirred up a frenzy, given that Blizzard Entertainment'

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3490d ago

Of course there is a 720.The 360 is a sinking ship and Microsohaft needs to get a new ship for peddling their worthless flops.

Even if Halo 3.5 gets the 60 it deserves on Metacritic,the xbots will buy it anyway.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3490d ago

Nevermind.The Halo franchise deserves a 40 on Metacritic.I apologize if I was too generous with the 60.

3490d ago
Coolrah3490d ago

They know their phailing and so their trying to create the same thing just with a better graphics card and a new design. Too bad its gonna phail like 360 did :/

ASSASSYN 36o3489d ago

Fail...not phail...F A I non spell check using idiot.

icup23489d ago

Internet is serious business.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3489d ago

"you non spell check using idiot"

Don't you mean "You're not using spell check idiot"?

lol ASSASSYN 360 is the only idiot here

Oops.I forgot about L4D

ASSASSYN 36o3489d ago

You forgot a comma and question mark is inside the quotes turbo.

Don't you mean "You're not using spell check idiot"? <-Wrong

Don't you mean, "You're not using spell check idiot?"<-Right

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ASSASSYN 36o3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I never played WoW. If it launches on the next xbox...yes I will get it.

pswi603489d ago

what? even older PC's run WoW fairly well...

so you are saying that if the 720 comes out with an MSRP of $600 you will then and only then play WoW?


from the article:

"The official story: When contacted by GameSpot, Blizzard reps shot down the story outright, saying the outlet had not even followed up with any inquiries attempting to clarify Pardo's remarks.

"In the Lunch with Luminaries discussion, Rob said that Microsoft occasionally bounces ideas off of us, with no specific reference to any possible future consoles," said the rep. "This should come as no surprise, as our games run on Microsoft's PC operating system. We aren't in discussions with Microsoft regarding any future consoles." (Emphasis added.)"

Typical gaming journalism creating fake rumors for hits, and then blame someone else for the hype surrounding the original rumor.

Montrealien3489d ago

pswi60, maybe he would like to play on his couch? Seems like you got a little worked up for one simple remark and made sure we all knew that MS was not in talks with blizzard.

I have a question for you. Would you like it if Blizzard said they will release an mmo on the next Xbox at launch?

Daver3489d ago

dont care about mmo especially world of warcraft.. just release diablo 3 and starcraft 2

ASSASSYN 36o3489d ago

Wow somone gots some issues. I am flattered my little comment generated that overly, pointless, and unprovoked response. Calm down high-speed it's all good. And montrealien you are exactly right. On my couch and on my 42".

indysurfn3489d ago

And I think we arr not the only ones. What is with the response from the fantoy? Didn't PS3 launch without a killer app for $600, and have people paying up to 10,000 for it and bragging about it? This would be the best killer app ever! Now that fantoy assumes xbox720 will launch for $600(where did he get that from) and it is a bad deal with the biggest game ever? Hello! Hypocrisy is over the top!

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