GamesAreEvil's Release of the Week: Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

GamesAreEvil writes, "Unlike in the previous game, however, Box Office Bust will contain no nudity. That's right, this is a Leisure Suit Larry game without nudity.This is probably because the last game wasn't sold in several countries due to censorship laws. This time however, the game won't be bought in any countries..."

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CrAppleton3542d ago

Dude.. I'm so going to get virtually laid.. LMAO

Neco5123542d ago

YAY for pixelated poon-tang!

Raz3542d ago

..but you'll turn into a black bar that says "CENSORED" for a few minutes, and you'll grow and shrink suggestively...

bgrundman3542d ago

Am I the only one that finds this whole series to be distasteful?

CrAppleton3542d ago

No you aren't.. but then again.. a lot of things in gaming are distasteful.. I know you like GTA, and I personally, even though I like it, would say that it is VERY distasteful

Neco5123542d ago

I have to agree with @CrAppleton here. It IS distasteful, but we like it that way

supercharger51503542d ago

and sexist... but to each his own

Raz3542d ago

Sorry...was I supposed to find a guy named 'Leisure Suit' Larry tasteful?

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CrAppleton3542d ago

So offensive to so many people.. gotta love that.. :P

Neco5123542d ago

agreed, with so many people hating, you have to love it

supercharger51503542d ago

For when you can't get it in real life.... :P

Raz3542d ago which point it'll be touted as "better than the real thing!" and used as a form of population control.


Sharpshell3542d ago

am i the only one who remembers playing the original LSL games and laughing my @ss off because back then the graphics were so bad you couldn't really say it was in bad taste LOL

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