Naughty Dog Looking at Possibillty of a CE for Uncharted 2

GOONL!NE: "Well, there is no need to convince PS3 owners to go out and buy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves when it comes out this Autumn, the first one was reason enough to get #2. But what if developers Naughty Dog enticed you with a possible collectors edition? Hmm, interested, arent you?"

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Johnny Cullen3490d ago

If this happens, it certifies what already was a Day One buy.

Hydrolex3490d ago

Pre-ordered when it was announced

XGRaViSmOrSX3490d ago

Needs to be bundled w/ a half-tucked shirt.

def a day one buy regardless.

Insomnia_843490d ago

I want an art book, a big Naughty Dog Poster(you have to love talented ppl),and a Nathan Drake figurine.

icup23490d ago

Day one? Pfffff

Midnight buy b!tches!!!!!


Shadow Flare3490d ago

I'll see your 'midnight buy' and raise you 'break into naughty dog's studios and steal a copy'. Don't worry, i'll leave 60 bucks on their coffee table

criticalzero3490d ago

A Poster Would be epic....and also an Art Book...

solar3490d ago

dont think ill get another CE or SE game. my PiP-Boy bobblehead was broke outta the box. poor guy keeps falling over :/

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ToastyMcNibbles3490d ago

i want a nathan drake watch or shirt...hell both!

PirateThom3490d ago

Sadly, I don't go for special editions, unless it's Metal Gear, but why not for the people who do want it, eh?

RememberThe3573490d ago

The last one I got was for Devil May Cry 4...

That was a terrible decision...

I think I'm done with collectors editions. Unless it's God of War, then I'd pick it up.

CaseyRyback_CPO3490d ago

agreed, why... ah.. nevermind.

Dark General3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I'm with you rememberthe357. Last and only collectors edition i brought was DMC4. Huge waste of the extra 20 bones. The DMC anime sucked and the game was mediocre. ONe of the worst gaming decisions i've made. I'd rather ND just make Uncharted 2 like they made Uncharted 1. With all the extra little behind the scenes stuff on the disk.

But if it was a CE a wallscroll/poster would be cool along with a s**t ton of commentary.

ultimolu3490d ago

I want a Nathan Drake action figure! >o<

Sharpshell3490d ago

Then I coud have him, Solid Snake, the the Chimera from R2 CE in a three way stand-off!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3490d ago

Uncharted is an electrifying masterpice with jaw dropping graphics.I eagerly wait for this one as well

Gue13490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I can't believe that most people I talk with don't believe me when I say that Uncharted has the best graphics of this gen... I think I'll going to save these pics for later. They were taken with a digital camera and still looking great.

If the sequel actually manage to surpass that then, nobody will doubt the power of the CELL ever again. BTW inFamous looks insanely good too... And how could I forget about Killzone 2? There are people that are still nitpicking the poor game just to say that the PS3 doesn't have the better looking games of this gen.

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