BlizzCast 8 Live With Diablo III Goodies

Blizzard Entertainment released BlizzCast 8 podcast with some Diablo III goodies. Jay Wilson reveals the Rune system which allows players to create crazy talent builds. The talent tree resembles that of World of Warcraft, and the inventory got a overhaul with three types of bags.

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Elly3489d ago

Ahh, so skills trees stay the same as D2 in the end. Makes sense. If it ain't broke.

Medievaldragon3489d ago

I am very interested in the rune system, and there is yet another way to customize your character that has not been revealed to date.

lyquid3489d ago

What I'm wondering now is: since they have 3 different item types (large, small, quest), how will they stash work? Will we have different tabs within our stashes too?

Sharpshell3489d ago

ther ewill be diff tabs for quest items at least. As i understand it they won't take up space

Shayagor3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

ZOMG! This info is just so GREAT! I'm afraid of over-hyping myself (still scarred from hgl *sinff sniff*) but I can't stop it.

Screens are amazing! The rune system will allow for a lot of flexibility and the inventory is heading in a good direction.

Just finished reading the transcript and this game is looking better and better.

Torkith3489d ago

Going to Blizzcon once again just so I can play this game again. God I hope I get a Beta Key for it this time, I wouldn't want another Starcraft 2 one, regardless... I'll still have to get my hands on tickets before I can even hope on going down there.

IaMs123489d ago

You say you played it before, how was it compared to D2?