Rumor: Sony to unveil Killzone 2 Map Pack 1

Could Sony's announcement, and Killzone 2 patch 1.21 be linked to a forthcoming Killzone 2 map pack?

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s8anicslayer3489d ago

I doubt it, A KZ2 map-pack is hardly a major announcement!

LukaX233489d ago

You never know. Sony could be iffy when it comes to "Big" announcements.

yoghurt3489d ago

I don't anybody ever said it was a 'major announcement', that's just internet hyping.

+ I'm 90% sure I read in the run up to kz2 that there will be vehicles added to DLC for multiplayer, my guess is that there will be new maps specifically for it though

UnwanteDreamz3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Agreed lets just nip that crap in the bud now. I have yet to see a source that quotes Sony as saying it has a "major" announcement.

EDIT: I have to say, nothing against the author but these blogs with like 1 paragraph "articles" kill me. Why not just post your theory on a forum?

Insomnia_843489d ago

I believe it's 2.70 and the KZ2 patch is to make the game work well with it besides the other "fixes" to the game, 2.70 was released to developers last week right? It is definitely related to the system and not any game in particular. Just my opinion.

SiLeNt KNighT3489d ago

or maybe their adding a tiny lip to the 'S' in Sony. enough with the 'maybe' articles. wait for freakin tomorrow. is there really nothing interesting enough in some peoples lives that they revolve around this news?

Dandiego3488d ago

I've had one question that no one can answer... how can there be 20 million PS3s and only 1240000 copies of KZ2 sold? This was the second coming of Christ remember... This game had less impact on the system than LBP.

Can someone admit the controls are bad? PLEASE just one honest PS3 owner... I play COD every day and I've played tons of games so please don't say... you suck at videogames... cause it ain't true and I don't have to prove myself. Trust me I'm a hardcore gamer... I bought every game worth buying on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii and I game every day.

SprSynJn3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

"This was the second coming of Christ remember... "

It was for people on forums like these, not for those who are casual gamers. You need to remember that. You also need to remember that it is still in the top 10 overall and has only been out for a month. It could end up being a long impact seller overtime.

"Can someone admit the controls are bad? PLEASE just one honest PS3 owner..."

I am not sure what your fascination is with people owning up to a problem you are so sure there is. I have absolutely no problem with the controls, none. I do think using the shotgun can be difficult at times, but there are moments when I do well. I know you do not want to believe this, but some people do prefer these controls over the same ol' year after year cookie cutter shooter that is Call of Duty. I personally did like Modern Warfare, but I got tired of how easy it was for people to snipe you game after game with the pivot style controls it has. Not to mention Infinity Ward's almost non-existent support for their flagship title. Whatever the case, I find Killzone 2's control scheme to be refreshing and enjoyable to say the least.

Dandiego3488d ago

I accept some people like it but I don't accept that no one thinks it's controls are flawed (at least a bit) on N4G... I'm far from casual and I still think COD4 is the best shooter this generation by a long shot. 14 days played and running this game is awesome!!! November can't come quickly enough...

Why is there acceleration when you turn in KZ2? This causes you to overturn since it's not a steady speed of turning like COD. Call me noob or whatever... but it's like driving a Hyundai(KZ2) it's not as fun as a BMW (COD4). Sure you can get used to a Hyundai but it will never match the BMW... I don't expect anyone to back me up even though 12.5 million COD4 were sold against 1.2 Million of KZ2. Does this mean COD4 is better... well 12.5 million said yes. PS3 sold 4.5 Million COD4... I don't see KZ2 getting there anytime soon and there are 4 used copies at my local EB games so some people agree with me somewhere... wouldn't you say?

Rikyfree3488d ago

Dandiego, that is the dumbest philosophy ever. Sales do not mean it's better. You also got your cars confused. Now if soldiers weighed 25 pounds and handled weapons that weighed nothing, then yes CoD 4 is accurate.

SiLeNt KNighT3487d ago

1,240,000? where did you get over a million? it shows your intelligence when your trying to bad mouth something and can't even get the numbers right. people that complain about the controls are sh!tty at video games, simple as that. I will own you on any FPS, cod included. when you write things dont make it so obvious at how dense of a person you are.

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Grandreaper99993489d ago

They better add vehicle-enabled maps!!!!! I'M TALKIN TO YOU GUERRILLA!!

lol.. It's just a wish. I love the game the way it is. The vehicle section was done damn-near perfect (the exosuit I mean). It'd be a shame to see that go to waste with so much potential. it'd help on the bigger maps I think. limit it to only 1 per team or something. or have it so the exo is broken and place don a random part of the map, and have an engineer repair it much like the emplaced turrets?

Mindboggle3489d ago

Im sorry but I dont want another WAW. Some idiot camping in the corner with a tank blasting everyone in sight, and noone can get to him. Tanks in online multiplayer dont work....

Vehicles however do, just not tanks, its just to much power for 1 person.

iHEARTboobs3489d ago

Especially if one team is controlling all the Tanks. The tanks worked better in Battlefield Bad Company I think.

Mindboggle3489d ago

Yeh they worked in bad company due to the sheer size of the maps, and it being a huge battlefield. Whereas killzone maps are quite small so it would be stupid to include them in such small areas, and the maps that are big, such as the one with the bridges, they just wouldnt work. They would need to make completeley new style maps to successfully integrate tanks...

chidori6663489d ago

return back maps of kz1 of beach...

Sangria3489d ago

Can't we just stop speculate and wait tuesday? The more you expect, the harder will be the fall.

Rich16313489d ago

Finally, someone with a brain!

Xwow20083488d ago

instead of hyping lets wait and see or our selves what is the announcement .

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