Resident Evil Changed for the Worse

With the release of RE5, has the Resident Evil franchise changed for the better? Stew Shearer of The Game Reviews says no.

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stewie328873487d ago

All hail Resident Evil 2!

NeverforgetNES3487d ago

I'm still on the fence about it.

s8anicslayer3487d ago

Resi 5 was more like an experiment for the franchise, Message to capcom " we like our turtle moving flesh eating zombies!"

borgome3487d ago

LOL at all the noobs in here who never played RE4

SirLarr3487d ago

Different != worse, keep an open mind.

stewie328873487d ago

I don't think it's that I lack an open mind. It's just that realistically when working with an established series you should be able to expect some elements from past iterations to remain present. How pissed off would people have been if MGS4 had been a FPS simply because it would have reached a wider audience? That is what is Capcom is doing, they're pushing it forward in some directions, while at the same time stripping it of the things that make it special in order to make it more popular.

chidori6663487d ago

for much more worth because no have more survival horror, and storyline is garbage now...

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