Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars debuts to 140,000 copies week one

America accounts for the majority of sales with roughly 80,000 units being sold on week one, while Europe (including Australia, Asia and other niche markets) follows at a close second with 60,000 copies according to estimates from videogame tracking firm VGChartz.

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njr3493d ago

hmm, they say GTA:LCS did 452k week one. Different demographics?

qface643493d ago

i stopped reading as soon as i saw VGcharts

Kurisu3493d ago

Maybe because of the younger audience? Even so, for 1st week that's not too bad. If it's takes after the other GTA's then sales will stay strong for a long period of time.

Danja3493d ago

thats what they get for not making San Andres Stories for the PSP

just kiddin im really bummed people aren't actually buying this is actually a pretty good game I been playing it for a few days now and I will say im actually enjoying it more than GTA4 and I like the artstyle of it and it's hilarious at times :)

now can we get San Andreas Stories for the PSP... guaranteed million seller.

doshey3493d ago

if they come out with gta san andreas for the psp then i will buy a psp so fast, shoot when they announce it i will buy a psp

Gamer60563493d ago

This good I guess as long as it continuous selling good such as the other GTA on psp

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