Rumor: PS3 Motion Sensing Remote Completed and Looking for Some Love

Kombo Writes: "We've heard the whispers and hints for quite a while now, but we can finally lay the doubt to rest. Our source, which has a superb track record for accuracy, has informed us that Sony is not only developing a PS3 motion sensing remote to combat Nintendo's Wii Remote, but it's already finished. In fact, our source has informed us that Sony is reaching out to key third-party publishers and asking them to implement last minute functionality into their soon-to-be released games and of course compatibility with select future games."


Have a chance to read up on Kombo's exclusive report regarding Sony's new PS3 motion sensor remote? It isn't officially announced by Sony, so we labeled it as a rumor... but we can confirm that this is 100% true. Kombo is rarely ever wrong on with our exclusive rumors, so put your guard down and just learn to trust us.

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KionicWarlord2223490d ago

if this is true this is a +.

MattyF3490d ago

Expect an A+ then. ;-)

IdleLeeSiuLung3490d ago

Oh my god, if this is true it is NOT copying. It is innovation, unlike those [email protected] at MS. They only know how to copy!

harrisk9543490d ago

As long as it is supported by Sony and 3rd party developers... I mean, PSEye support has been abysmal and I can't remember the last game that implemented it (and the ones that did, Eye of Judgment notwithstanding, were like glorified screen savers -- I am hopeful that Eye Pet will change all that). Likewise, Sixaxis motion controls have either been gimmicky or not implemented well by too many games (some good implementations include, but are not limited to: HV Bowling, HS, KZ2, Pain, R&C:ToD, flOw, Flower, R&C:QfB, MGS4, etc.) It is all well and good to have new technology to provide additional immersion into games, as long as I feel that I am not buying something that will just collect dust.

Sarcasm3489d ago

I know I wish there was more implementation of the PS eye on more games.

Instead of using SIXAXIS to turn the wheel, use your actual hands or something!

The possibilities are endless. Except at Sony's development, they obviously have no ideas.

thebudgetgamer3489d ago

bundle it with a 99 dollar ps2, basically give the dev kits away to small pubs and see what happens.


marinelife93489d ago

They better have a First Person Star Wars light saber game to go with it. Along with 1:1 motion sensing. It will sell like hotcakes then.

You Already Know3489d ago

it's funny when someone is obviously being sarcastic about something they know nothing about...

Sony patented this project before Nintendo even announced they would be using motion sensing...

this won't even need a sensor'll be as-is...

ThanatosDMC3489d ago

Shouldnt it be cordless??? I dont want those nunchucks that are tied together that you can stretch them to your full wingspan.

rockleex3489d ago

The big announcement Sony plans to unveil tomorrow?

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Cajun Chicken3490d ago

Wha? Why?!? We have Sixaxis and a third party controller on the way!!!

Mike134nl3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

maybe they are both the same thing (third party controller/ new motion controller)

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3490d ago

...this is the beginning of another next gen experience only on Playstation 3.

Motion Sensing HD gaming is arriving soon...

KionicWarlord2223490d ago

there a third party company that made one for xbox 360

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3490d ago

I said a true next generation experience which did not include the 360.Its restricted by last gen format,pitiful online network and poor game quality.

GrandTheftZamboni3489d ago

Next gen controller with next gen graphics. Evolved.

brycespitler3490d ago

what games this would even be able to work with.

shooters will be difficult to move around with this control and there are to many ppl on screen for god of war 3 for this to be effective.

they would have to strip down the game to a more basic form to make this work

then again im not the biggest fan of motion control.
i thought moving mario around in galaxy was kinda frustrating on the wii so i just dont know what games this is supposed to be good with on ps3

SuperM3490d ago

lawl they wont have to change anything. First of all we aint seen it yet so we dont know exactly how it works. And secondly for most game its only going to be an alternate way to control the game. Nothing will be changed. But ofcourse some games will be designed specificly with the controller in mind. That could be pretty cool

QuackPot3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

You need to play Resident Evil 4 & Metroid Prime, then you will seen the POTENTIAL and how awesome motion control is for looking/aiming for shooters. Sheez, I'd loved to have been able to play Halo, CoD4, UT3, Resistance, Killzone etc etc using the new remotes.

If sony perfects the sensitivity then this will be awesome - not just for traditional games but new games the deliberately make use of the controller.

win, win.

check this out:

it's a different controller but it shows the benefits of motion control and the likelihood of B/C with older games.

adolson3489d ago

I agree with QuackPot.

I wouldn't use a controller like this for waggle-instead-of-buttons, but for aiming in shooters, HELL YES.

I'm still waiting for the first two Metroid Prime games to be remade for Wii so I have something else to use it for... I really loved MP3 and RE4 for Wii. Too bad so many crap games were put on the Wii.

It's not all bad - if it weren't for my disappointment with the Wii software lineup, I wouldn't have bought a PS3. :D

Nitrowolf23490d ago

I hope they got the motion in this thing to work really good. I wonder what games with have this? Perhaps a shooter? and hack and slash games could work to. I hope sony supplies these thing with a good wrist band to.

Ischan3490d ago

There are alerady games for Wii.
If they follow Nintendo path, then expect more PSN games that utilizes this controller. Heck, perhaps even rub duck will be able to use this.

Now, Is it possible to create develope Wii games easier if using PS3 as lead platform ? say PSN title ? If yes, then they should thanks Nintendo for all the idea.

sarshelyam3490d ago

Works incredibly well with Sixaxis tech...I can't imagine it getting any worse, and FLOWER was nearly perfect. Man, come to think of it, I hope Katamari Damacy Tribute offers up some motion control "OPTION".

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