N4G Cares Not for Contributors, Only Bottom Line

Sites with user driven content sound great, but are they? N4G can be viewed as an example to many who have used it over the years of a site which started out great and has become little more than a corporate mouthpiece in recent months. If you have tried to submit a story containing video or images to the site recently, chances are that you have been met with hordes of individuals directing you to embed the video/images. That wasn't always the case.

This is not about Ripten's "beef" with N4G. The reality is that Ripten rarely creates their own video content, however site's like G4TV, and even lesser known outlets like HipHopGamer, are creating their own video content and being forced to embed that content on N4G. HHG has openly expressed his distaste with the strong arming tactic, and Ripten have personally spoken with one of the individuals responsible for distributing the video content created by G4TV and it is safe to say that they don't appreciate being forced into embedding the content they create.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida5001d ago

Cry on Ripten.Your xbot tears only prolong the inevitable death of anti-PS3,pro-Nazisoft sites like yours and Kotaku.Its time for you guys to burn

L80BelfDK5001d ago

huh? I have seen some pretty big anti-Sony sites, but ripten and kotaku don't seem to be as big of fanboys as the n4g crowd. And that's coming from someone who hasn't even been on n4g very long. It's instantly noticeable and it's disgusting.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5001d ago

LMAO You sheep fall so easily.This story now has my approval

morganfell5001d ago

Talk about a bunch of nancy boys over at Ripten.

Nostradavis5001d ago

Morgan buddy. Nice to see you again. How's that site of yours going? Oh that's right you don't have one. You just hang out here with the rest of the N4G losers and talk smack. Inflate that ego some more pal.

morganfell5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

Well Nostradumbass, I would rather not have a site than to push one with chucky cheese adolescents for writers, an editor with a tampon up his rear end, and stories that come from disassociated subjects piecemeal snapped out of three coffee cans.



I tried to go to ripten once upon a time. So did several other people from N4G. When errors popped up and we pointed them out we were attacked. Our response? We completely lambasted that writer. I do not believe he is walking straight to this day after we ripped him a new one. Why? We had facts on our side and he lost his temper. Talk about being redfaced. You could practically hear that little dirtbag screaming his head off and getting a walloping in the checkout like. Funny as hell. The Editor jumped in and instead of calming things down he defended some of the most idiotic attempts to write ever. He got a well deserved verbal blast to the head from dozens of patrons that left his ears wringing.

It is better to be at N4G than at ripten making up unsupported finger paint quality tripe and attempting to peddle it to only the most uninformed and dirty ignorant gamers. "Look at me and my soul patch. I'm hip! Woohoo! Attention whores rule!"

Lets also not forget how many times web hit desperate ripten has run to N4G and submitted a story.

Just die already. You and that worthless site. They want N4G to give them money for the free advertising they get from N4G. Just get under a bus already. Until you do I have no interest in seeing any more of the sewage spewing from your suckhole. IGNORED.

tordavis5001d ago

Morganfail doesn't know the first thing about journalism or setting up a website. He's an idiot tool who wastes his time lambasting others in these threads. He's nothing but a narcissist. It felt so good telling him to [email protected] off, even though I got sent over here to the Open Zone.

ThatCanadianGuy5001d ago

Haha ! Tordavis..

What happened to your submission the other week?

With "[email protected]#$% The N4G Community" in the description? Why did you delete it after a few reports? Afraid to lose your only source of hits?

Ironic how you bash N4G, yet you and your site would be non-existent without it.

You're just mad because people finally caught onto you and Hiphopgamers flame-bait made up bullsh*t.

You have an ego the size of your ass and Karma came back to get you.
Deal with it.

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h0tz0rz5001d ago

It is kind of a shady policy, but if sites really don't want their videos embedded, they shouldn't provide the embed code.

Twizlex5001d ago

There is some truth to that, but then you run into bandwidth issues. Most blogs don't host their videos on the site because it costs too much, and they instead use youtube or Then the only way to get the video on your site is to allow it to be embedded, and once you do that anyone can embed it.

It's really a no-win situation, and I don't understand what the purpose of embedding on n4g is. N4G gets the same amount of traffic either way, and all they are doing with this policy (that doesn't even exist) is take away traffic from the sites providing n4g with the video in the first place. It's bullsh!t.

Columbo5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

So by your logic, you shouldn't embed 1UP videos on your site, because you taking traffic from 1UP. The fact is, your site continually takes news and videos from other sites, and tries to submit them to N4G as if you are the source of news.

Take this for example:
These are 1UP videos (which you embedded on your site, but not on your N4G post), and fail to provide significant extra content to make you the true source of news. Yet you submitted your Ripten piece (which is not the true source, but has videos embedded for Ripten users) to try and drive traffic to your site. And your users approved despite there being 3 duplicate reports on the story.

Or how about this post:
You pull from EDGE for your article on your site, which is fine. Joystiq and Kotaku do this all the time. However, your submission to N4G lists Ripten as the source, which it is not. The story was reported as a duplicate, but your Ripten users still approved anyway, even though there were reports on the story.

The fact is, Ripten is guilty of consistently using the wrong source on news submissions to N4G, and their users try and strong-arm their news through even if there are duplicate or wrong source reports. I could provide many more examples, and would be happy to oblige.

Nostradavis5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

Ripten and other sites like 1up, Kotaku, and Destructiod that embed the video are actually doing work where as N4G sits back and rakes in the dough from the hard work of others. N4G built their user base by using a bait and switch method.

People didn't just end up here for free Columbo. There was/is incentive offered for being an elite contributor. If N4G tried pulling this garbage on their contributors early on in their life cycle they would be a shadow of the site they are today. That is a fact.

Columbo5001d ago

So Ripten is doing "hard work" by embedding 1UP and Gametrailers' videos on their site, and then submitting them to N4G using Ripten as the source (another link for you: )? You don't address the fact that your users are guilty of using the wrong source on your news submissions, and approving already known and reported duplicate stories just to get your "hard work" on N4G's front page so you get hits.

h0tz0rz5001d ago

I don't think you can hold an entire site responsible for what a few people are doing. You guys can argue over which site I'm referring to here.

INehalemEXI5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

Ask not what N4G can do for you, but what you can embed on N4G. :D

tube something. [/tube]

seriously though, none of this seems serious. Your getting hits but to lazy to embed your stuff to get the hits... It should be give n take relationship IMO. Why make embedable vids if your not going to use the function?

/Visari voice mod

morganfell5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

Here is the truth. If Ripten were not so worthless in their writing they might actually garner a fanbase. Instead, they produce unsubstantiated attack pieces that bear absolutely no supported evidence at all. When called on the carpet for their shoddy journalism and quite frankly made up stories, the editor has a hissy fit and attacks fans and posters alike. In one incident, both he and the writer resorted to verbal assaults of a personal nature against the commenters. Posters, by the way, that were armed not with an attitude but rather with facts.

Instead of responding with, "Thanks. We'll check into that." it was, "Oh yeah? Well you are all *^&%$#%!!!!!"

And when I say they attacked people I mean in the most juvenile, 5th grade mentality they could muster.

If anything this piece should serve notice as to the sheer desperation of sites like Ripten and G4. They should step back and take a cold, hard look into the journalistic mirror and realize that the problem is actually their editorial policy and the public face they present.

Want it in the King's English? Your site sucks. Stop blaming N4G for your problems and lack of traffic. 1Up is having to sleep in the bed Dan Hsu made for them. Do you not wonder why plenty of sites that offer no video get stories approved here that cause N4G visitors to move to their respective web page and take interest?

Wake up Ripten. It isn't the video, it is your highly suspect writing and editorial practices. You could not do a better job of shooting yourself in the foot if you taped a shotgun to your shoe and pulled the trigger.

If you offer insightful writing, humor, and a generally honest and unslanted look at the gaming industry then embedded videos are a gateway to your site, not a deterrent or a diversion from it. With a decent presentation N4G can send thousands of visitors your way instead of giving them an excuse to avoid you.

5001d ago
morganfell5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

Ooooh I am so worried by an individual that has the same issues as Ripten. tordavis, another individual that wants to blame N4G for his lack of site traffic.

Fact. Good journalism will garner web hits. N4G can make a good site better.

Vault Boy5001d ago

More like morganFAIL. Ripten hardly ever does any videos, so they weren't complaining about losing so much traffic over this. I guess I'm not surprised that you think people only care about themselves since you're such a positive ray of sunshine.

techie5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

1up get hits from people embedding their video - it's Gamevideos.

But yes, if it's not the original source, then it shouldn't be used (and should be embedded) but if it is the sites video then it shouldn't have to be embedded for reasons stated.

Youtube videos being embedded should be optional, unless the source is youtube. Because often stories about videos include more information.

And Ripten's had plenty of great journalism and exclusive news.

morganfell5001d ago

The article from Ripten is hypocritical at best, as Columbo deftly indicated. And that is being kind to them.

Embedded video works. There is a reason google allows youtube embedding, even promotes it. Because handled properly it makes money. But if you do not know what you are doing, then you just get mad and write an article blaming the entire world like the one linked above...which no one in their right mind should click.

FrankDaTank5001d ago

business as usual. nothing to see here. grab a beer and move along.

UnwanteDreamz5001d ago

LOL this whole thing is funny as hell. If I like a site and want to support it I click the link out to it to view a video. These guys are crying like users are not given the option to support them.

Sounds like the whole thing is a double standard. N4G is fine when you have an article you want to bring attention to but it's the enemy when you got a vid? Whatever if your site is so great then don't use N4G. Then when they take something that is yours you will have a legitimate complaint. Until then your arguement is a joke.

XxZxX5001d ago

Long story short, Ripten want hit. If you embed video, Ripten cant get hit since nobody gonna click through. Ripten create story without embed in N4G, N4G moderator forced them to embed.

I don't see how you gonna whine about something when you want to use a feature for free to help you promote your site. My question is that's not even your own content, if you host your video on youtube and gametrailer, that's under their property now yours, so how can you complain about embedding a video/property that is not yours?

RememberThe3575001d ago

but his example of HHG being forced to emend his videos is solid. Why should HHG be forced to emend his videos if he doesn't want to?

I under stand it's a dynamic situation thats getting a little over blown, but I still think that it should be talked about and resolved.

Omegasyde5001d ago

What morganfall is trying to say is:

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth"

If wasn't for N4g, sites like Destructoid, Ripten, and even hiphopflamer wouldn't get that many hits.

Sites shouldn't cry over this. If they don't like it, make another meta-search-gameing-news engine then.

<Mod's I know your laughing your #%#@%#@ off. Some people are ingrateful huh?>

nix5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

480 degrees and still not up at "Top Stories" section.

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Zeus Lee5001d ago

Better yet,if there's no alternative,why don't YOU create one?

IdleLeeSiuLung5001d ago

I kind of agree with zeus here, although it isn't in the policy and I have witnessed many times that ppeople are very harsh with the report button sometimes it is not warranted.

pixelsword5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

...but some people were TOLD that they had to embed their videos; N4G mods (or above) told HHG and Tor Davis that they HAD to embed their videos or else they couldn't post.

NOTE: Users posting links to videos with embed code have that code embedded for them if they do not include it, at N4G users' request. HHG is simply among those users submitting their own content who remains reluctant to embed, in spite of user request, while providing embed code.

Viewtiful5001d ago

That's because those guys were tricking users into clicking their articles with Bogus headlines that meant nothing.

HipHopGamer can't just make up a rumor he conjured from thin air and then post it on N4G. Not even if it's followed by a question mark. N4G has to look after their own fan base by not wasting their time and clicks.

HHG can't just throw out any headline he likes or hears somewhere and then link to his show. I've seen the show (god knows why) and all he every does is say things like "check it out yo, dere's a roomah dat Microsoft iz gunna bai owt Valve!" Even if a monkey on crack could tell you that rumor isn't true he'll still get tons of hits from it since the unsuspecting reader has no reason to know it isn't potentially true.

Harry1905001d ago

but there is a major inaccuracy in there. Most people who once or are actively contributing ( submitting news links, not forum posting) do not become moderators. If that was the case, MK RED, Predator, Cyrus, BIoodmask, hell, even me would have been moderators. To my knowledge, only one regular top contributor was ever granted the ability to join the N4G staff and it was not solely attributable to posting habits. Being a regular forum member gives you a better opportunity of becoming a mod than posting news.

Odion5001d ago

Not to mention having HHG as a victim looses most of your creditability.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

Wait.Ripten has credibility?

Nostradavis5001d ago

Just because you don't like a site or a particular individuals content doesn't mean that their work has no value. HHG creates his own content and does not deserve to have that traffic stripped away from him. The same goes for other sites.

Odion5001d ago

HHG creates content centered around the hope of starting a fight, or ticking off fanboys, there is a reason why he doesn't get much support from this site.

Nostradavis5001d ago

Odion, I would agree however the heat generated by his posts says otherwise. I won't argue the nature of his content as I have never watched one of his videos from start to finish, but the point I am trying to make is that people didn't start using N4G because they wanted to help N4G become a giant site that forced them to embed the content they find. It may be what it is now, but that wasn't always the way it was.

In many ways this is a bait and switch. N4G didn't invent this. The same could be said for Ebay that started off as a free service. You get them with the free service and then slowly start charging once you have them. The price contributors pay now is much higher than it was when N4G started out.

MaximusPaynicus5001d ago

And yet, every time he posts something it gets up to 800-900 degrees because y'all can't shut the hell up and let it die. It's an amazing thing that the content the N4G community deems to be utter garbage continues to have the most success while legitimate news stories get buried.

Pennywise5001d ago

But look at the posts in a HHG article... everyone is complaining about him. Quit opening the article, quit clicking the link and quit complaining about it.

But what really makes me laugh is they nention HHG in the article not liking embedded videos… but the truth of the matter is – HHG would have nothing to talk about if he didn’t rip it from N4G articles all week.

Speed-Racer5001d ago

Not taking sides here but HHG has done quite well because of N4G...if you notice...they start lots of riots with controversial titles...knowing very well it will start a flame war rising them to the top...noticed how their one good videocast last week didn't do well because of the lack of controversy... I think there are a lot of hypocrites out there... they complain about the n4g rules, they complain about fanboyism...but still use this site day in and day out...


socomnick5001d ago

I completely Agree Odion thats why you should pass it up to the big wigs at n4g and bann bs websites like hhg and other retarded websites that provide no news but make up crap and pass it off as news. Having those sites on n4g lowers the credibility of n4g.

Omegasyde5001d ago

:Not to mention having HHG as a victim looses most of your creditability:

Well said. Bubbles. Torrence, you know that guy got his "popularity" and his information for his weekly show off the sources on N4g. Like most blogs do.

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