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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3493d ago

Excellent.The PS3 domination will continue with a new game or a new firmware

Tut tut lemmings.Your 200$ heater won't save you now from the ongoing punishment

LeonSKennedy4Life3493d ago

You couldn't have used a semi-colon or something there?


theKiller3492d ago

but they have to do it in the right moment!! now is not that moment!! they need to do it in either Easter holiday or when they release a game and sales of ps3 is down!!! so

ps3 sales down + new exclusive = price cut!!!

that will be the best time!!! i think their sales is down, and they just release Killzone 2, so maybe now or when their release inFamous they really should cut the price!!!!

JhawkFootball063493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Sony cannot afford to keep losing money with the PS3 so having a price drop would lose them even more and in this recession...well you get it

SiLeNt KNighT3493d ago

appreciate the market report Mr. Sony Accountant.

ultimolu3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Sony doomed! :O

Seriously, do you work for Sony?

Bluetoothtony: There's only but so much Sony can do. They will cut the price when they are READY. They are focused on making a profit. Why are they going to cut the price again and slide back into the red when they just came out of it?

I may be a PS3 supporter but even I will admit that Sony royally screwed up during launch date. But I respect the fact they're atoning for their mistakes.

nix3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

well.. game it is then. q:

EDIT: saw the Update. woot woot... BC would be nice. not that i've cared. (:

BulletToothtony3493d ago

and then they could gain some profits again with controllers and software sold..

Sony is acting very weird this gen.. with the lack of advertising and their apparent lack of interest in lowering the price, it almost feels like don't care too much about selling their products..

Of course we don't know their goals so it's hard to really know what their plan is..

InfectedDK3493d ago

YES! That is great news - Would have been the most boring.
Hoping for one of theese in order:
1. Firmware announcement with some nice new stuff.
2. New exclusive game.
3. Something great no one thinked of.
4. PS3 slim & Lite.

Dandiego3493d ago

I'm not a marketing wiz so this is just an opinion but this doesn't sound like a good solution. Every system looses money to make some down the road so why don't they do it now and get systems sold...

On another hand... I was at the store the other day and Bluray players are 299$ Canadian so if they lower their price they will kill the companies doing bluray players for them.

IdleLeeSiuLung3493d ago

Sony would drop that price if they could. Let's face it, no console manufacturer (except Nintendo) is making money on each console sold. Most of the profit comes from accessories and software. Obviously a larger user base, results in more people buying both software and accessories. So dropping the price makes perfect sense if they could!

A price drop that would actually make a sizeable impact is at the $100 level. That is a huge a price drop and might not be achievable until later.

Note that I'm not saying Sony is doomed without the price drop, but just that any console manufacturer will try and profit from the long run by creating a healthy eco-system replicating the success of both PS1 and PS2. What made PS1/PS2 successful is the software, and the software follows the user base.

Mindboggle3493d ago

I think ill take Geoff Keighleys word on this, not David Jaffes....I cant imagine Geoff lying about this, unless its an early april fools joke.

Sarcasm3493d ago

I think it will be the PSP 2

Isn't the Nintendo DSi coming out soon? What better way then to make potential DSi owners look at the PSP 2 instead?

uie4rhig3493d ago

sony will announce a pricecut when they are ready.. and since the last pricecut sony has been all like "ZOMG WE NEEDS TAH TURNZZ A PROFITZZ LOLOL" i think they will announce it shortly after they turn a profit..

ReservoirDog3163493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

but if a price cut was the big announcement tomorrow, wouldn't they lie and say they weren't dropping the price today?

Not that I believe they are dropping the price, it's just that they always say they're not dropping it until they do.

Lifendz3493d ago

just not anytime soon (assuming you don't think E3 is soon). Sony is trying to get profitable. This amazing do it all machine isn't exactly cheap to make. If selling less than Nintendo and MS keeps Sony from having to fire people and take substantial loses, then so be it. It's probably cheaper to purchase exclusive DLC for 2 to 3 games a year, provide incentives to make games exclusive, etc than it is to lower the price to 299.99.

And despite the reports from sites like 1up, Sony actually sold almost the same, if not the same, number of PS3s worldwide as MS sold 360s.

And the PS3 is still the same price as the Elite but for the price it does so much more.

Entry price is high. That sucks for everyone that wants in but can't afford it. But really, if 100 bucks is the difference between you getting the system and not getting the system, then try saving or selling some stuff you no longer need to get some money.

RememberThe3573493d ago

Did anyone else notice that and laugh.

On topic: it's not going to be price cut because they're not desperate enough to cut it. When they cut it, it's going to be because they have to.

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Fishy Fingers3493d ago

Not saying it is or isn't coming but, how is this confirmation?

“we do not have plans for a PS3 price drop”

They've said that continually. Why is this one confirmation and the previous just PR?

Mindboggle3493d ago

Seriously give up people its not going to happen...If you want one that badly just suck up the extra £100 and buy one...21 million other people did...

brycespitler3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

but i dont think their wil be one yet

if they do it tomorrow then itll only be 50 bucks until the holiday

Ghoul3493d ago

I hope its no pricecut. i want a game/software announcement.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3493d ago

Sorry xbots.Looks like you won't able to afford a true next generation console soon down at the orphanage.Look on the bright side,your Atari 2600 and Xbox 3FIXME are still ready to go.