Ken Block Talks DiRTY

GrE writes, "Ken Block, the multi medal-winning Subaru Rally Team USA driver and co-founder of DC Shoes (Yeah, this guy has done a lot of cool sh*t), has been signed on as one of the key motorsport athletes who will be featured in Colin McRae: DiRT 2.

In this latest video, Block discusses his relationship with McRae and how he was inspired by the rally legend to pursue his own career. Block also touches on his involvement with the development of DiRT 2 and how his expertise came in handy. Check it out right here for a look at his supreme control and style, which have made him a hero among motorsport aficionados worldwide."

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bgrundman3491d ago

This game really looks awesome!

CrAppleton3491d ago

Yeah! I can't wait for it! I love racing games.. AND the X-Games feel

Spolodaface3491d ago

As long as we get a giant driveable DC Trainer then i'm happy.

bgrundman3491d ago

They must have a pretty cool ad team working on the game because the first trailer they released was really weird.

CrAppleton3491d ago

I was weird.. but it was different.. not a bunch of propaganda thrown in your face of "Look how cool our sh!t is" lol

bgrundman3491d ago

alot more nudity then I expected, but since when was that a bad thing right?

supercharger51503491d ago

How do people feel about companies advertising in games? Like DC and Monster in the screen shot...
My feelings are kinda mixed. It gives the devs money to make a game but it seems overkill sometimes.

CrAppleton3491d ago

If it's related.. it's a good thing. It adds to the feel of really being part of the scene. If it's some off the wall sh!t, then I'm against it. In this case, the Monster and DC stuff fits perfect!