Extreme Gamer: Blue Dragon Plus Review

Blue Dragon Plus is a game every fan of the original Blue Dragon should look into. Even though the gameplay format and platform has changed, the game still retrains the same feel, characters, and shadow presence. There is a more than enough action to be had with its real-time combat along with all the obsessive compulsive traits you've come to love about RPGs. The only real debatable reason why a role-playing fan wouldn't enjoy Blue Dragon Plus is the switch up from the standard turn-based combat style from the original. Mistwalker's experiment with the new tactical, real-time system isn't the most user friendly starting point; however once you get the swing of things it's a good run. Blue Dragon Plus is definitely a solid title worth investigating.


+ Graphics have strong production values
+ Continues from the original Blue Dragon epic
+ Familiar cast with their matching shadow powers
+ Quicker pace than the original
+ Time Stealer, lots to do beyond the main quest


- New tactical real-time combat isn't for everyone
- Doesn't have the same traditional role-playing feel
- Slight learning curve in the beginning

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