DigitalSpy: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes Of Time Review

Recommending Echoes Of Time is really dependent on whether you can answer yes to the following question: Will I be able to play this game with at least one other person on a regular basis? If you can (and taking into account that both players will need a copy of the game for local multiplayer to work), then Echoes is worth a try. Play it together and you can take the lazy story, the slowdown and the awkward camera (which makes platforming a nightmare) on the chin. However, play by yourself and there's very little to keep drawing you back in, with the game's foibles serving as a constant reminder that this game was made for multiplayer. Square Enix has nailed the co-op aspect of the Crystal Chronicles series, but future games - and there a couple in the works - will have to up the single player ante for this series to be anywhere near as essential as its more established RPG counterparts.

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