Weapon of Choice: Big fish in a shallow pond

Mommy's Best Games' dev blog writes:

"True to their word, Microsoft has provided Community Games sales data by the end of March. The results are, in one word, sobering.

First, let me just reiterate that we have been very upfront about what Mommy's Best is trying to achieve. We want to make kick ass games, full-time. I left one of the best video game employers to strike out and make my own games. This is my full time job, I am not a hobbyist and Weapon of Choice shows that. It is a full-fledged game, which took a full year to make. Not only did we hope sales would recoup the savings we spent during the year of development, we hoped it would provide enough financing to support the development of our next game. So, as the end of the month started breathing down our necks, we had our numbers categorized into:

10,000 units = "That hurts"
20,000 units = "We can live with that" and
30,000 units or more = "We're in business!"

Obviously, with a $5 game and these projections, we're not looking to make millions, buy a Porsche, or vacation on the Riviera. We just wanted a sufficient salary and money for future game development and marketing.

The time for truth... Weapon of Choice's sales, from November 19th through March 26th, made below 'That hurts.'"

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