Character Chronicles: Samus Aran

Gamer Limit writes: "Samus Aran: Hot Babe, Bounty Hunter, and a whole bunch of other things. Samus is the main protagonist of the Metroid series, which follows her adventures and missions to thwart the Space Pirates, and their attempts to harness the power of fictional organisms such as the aforementioned Metroids. Not only that, but she's well known as one of the first female main characters in a video game.

Samus caused quite a stir in the original Metroid, as gamers were led to believe that she was in fact male, with the instruction manual even going so far as confirming that. However if you completed the game in under 2 hours, you were shown a special sequence, revealing that she was in fact, female. Although she wears the Power Suit throughout most of the Metroid series, most games in the series offer depictions of her in more revealing attire, usually as a reward for satisfying certain condition, such as collecting all items or clearing the game in a certain amount of time."

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chrisjc3491d ago

Super Metroid; best Samus game ever.

Fullish3491d ago

/agreed, they need to get back to the 2D ones.

Cloud-14093491d ago

Super Metroid or Prime 2 IMO.

Ziriux3491d ago

Samus is a bad ass and will always be.

Austin_SJ3491d ago

Samus Aran = super hot.

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The story is too old to be commented.