Molyneux: Re-Inventing Death In 'Fable II' Took Three Tries

Game designer Peter Molyneux and Stephen Totilo talked about death in video games last week, and the failed experiments that led to the unusual lack of player death in Fable II.

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cornfedgamer3493d ago

While I didn't miss death in Prince of Persia, It took a lot of difficulty out of Fable II. I would probably of rather had checkpoints or something. Having your fictional player with a scar wasn't a penalty at all. Plus if you wanted to avoid getting a scar there was a really cheap potion you could carry that would nullify these penalties.

KingME3493d ago

When you got to the crucible, how many of those potions did you get? I died Once in the crucible actually twice because I did have the point the first time I was dropped.

Although I'd rather be scared that to have to repeat a lengthy portion of the story again. I think death and the penalities therein simple changes how you play the game. When the penalty for death is too high, people tend to save more often and reload when they die.

xboxlj3493d ago

Not having any penalty from dying took out the challenge out of the game. I really enjoyed it, but it was way too easy. I liked Prey's idea of death much better. BTW, does the scar even have an impact on gameplay?

jadenkorri3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

how can you die in fable 2, way too easy, i can't recall dieing, other than the cut scenes ones...only thing that dies, or well got hurt was my dog, thankfully hes dead at the end... game was way too easy, upgrade your lighting, its the only spell you use.... next is time by the way, use time to get ur final lighting attack in...

sukru3493d ago

Yes, the scars (thus dying) has an impact. When you have too many scars, your attractiveness, and thus your pureness takes an important hit. You'll have to wear much more make-up and fancier clothes to make up for that.

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kingme713493d ago

The whole death thing is a very tricky gaming design conundrum. If you make it too hard on the player, they just reload. If you make it too easy it kills the tension of living/dying. Checkpoints are a good solution but again space them out too far and they become frustrating. Too close and death has little meaning.

Some present day games are experimenting with the death issue and good to see Fable II has some original ideas.

Sharpshell3493d ago

I mean how often were you really in danger of dying? Like at all? But checkpoints are over done these days. And saving whenever you want creates a weird religion about saving every 3 minutes, Like i did in Oblivion to the point I didn't enjoy it but when i stopped saving alot every now and then I would loose HOURS.... so its hard to say, every game is different, Fable 2 was still fun, for some inexplicable charm that made it fun even without any tangible challange.

Can you believe we used to put up with games like Resident Evil 1? Actually I'd rather more games had that as a part of them but it would be hard to implement with todays standards for actions... thnk re1 vs re5