Deaths in Gaming: Gaming to Die For

Gamer Limit Writes: "After finally getting around to completing Prince of Persia this weekend, it led me to ponder on player death in video games. For those of you who have played, or read about the game, you will know that in Prince of Persia the player is unable to die. Mis-timing jumps will result in your AI partner diving in to rescue you and mis-played combat will see her doing the same, allowing your enemy time to heal as she does so. So how important is this whole death thing, and is it an essential component of gaming?

Did the lack of death detract from my enjoyment of the game? Would I have preferred spending 25% of my time watching a loading screen as my Xbox searches for my last save? Am I fooling anyone that I only died enough to spend 25% of my time at a loading screen? I guess the answer to all of them is 'no', unless you think I can actually play games well, then it is a 'yes' and two 'no's. Taking the emphasis out of survival, the game became much more based upon skill and timing, allowing for much more elaborate level design."

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Cloud-14093541d ago

Awesome stuff man. Not being able to die In PoP sucked arse.

Andrew Wiggin3541d ago

That was one of my favorite parts of PoP. It made the game a fun experience, it was just a beautiful ride.

Austin_SJ3541d ago

unlimited saves have removed 90% of what people saw as difficulty anyway. Most people wouldn't play a game that had a storyline but was too hard to beat. If different in games that just have a high score.

kaironn3541d ago

I don't mind unlimited saves, it's just the "you didn't die mechanic I hate".

Case and point: Bioshock. When you die in that game, you should come back with 0 Health Packs and 0 Eve Hypos. I have no qualms fighting any Big Daddy because I know that if he's inches from dying, I can just respawn and wrench him to death.

It should make you think twice before you fight it. "If I resurrect with 0 health and eve, is it WORTH fighting him"? I wish I felt like that at any point in the game....

Dimly3541d ago

I need to see a compilation of Resident Evil 5 deaths

Ziriux3541d ago

There sure are some wacky deaths in game these days.

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