Comment: Why is MadWorld bombing at retail?

Gamezine: MadWorld has failed to set the UK gaming charts alight, which suggests that violent adult games aren't what Wii gamers want.

MadWorld debuted at a sorry 34th in the UK All Format's Chart and this week dropped off the radar and out of the top forty. The question is, why has Platinum Games' black and white masterpiece performed so poorly?

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Zeus Lee3582d ago

Because 95% of Wii owners are casual gamers,therefore,Mad World doesn't interest them at all?

techie3582d ago

Well that was the last chance- no more adult games for Wii.

Rikitatsu3582d ago

PlatinumGames, You wasted your time, money, and life on the Wii.
The userbase is totally hopeless.
SEGA should have given them a mini-games collection instead of Madworld.

techie3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

They have a point though - House of the Dead did well.

I wonder if The Conduit will do well.

Edit: interesting comment from the game's producer about the risks.

caliman873582d ago

Guess that large user base on the Wii just does not care about slashing things up.

Time to port it over and hope to reclaim some money as a download on the other two consoles.

blind-reaper3582d ago

They should release it on PSN and Xbox Live I would buy it.

morganfell3582d ago

I really wanted to like the game but the black and white nature of the visuals is actually quite distracting.

It's like the movie Renaissance that premiered in 2006. It was set in 2054 and heavily influenced by Bladerunner and Metropolis. I tried to like the movie but the idiotic script was only half the issue. The visuals were more distracting rather than being the stark intensiveness the director planned.

jtucker783582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Madworld was quite pricy for a short single player with no proper multiplayer.
The game would definitely suit being a downloadable title on PSN and/or live.
As the game doesn't have much going on "on screen" you could easily increase the resolution to 1080p. And as a downloadable title you don't need to add any other current gen effects or richness of features like you'd find in a full retail game. Add trophies and achievements.
$20 a pop sounds about right. Earn back some revenue.

I'd definitely buy it.

Lifendz3582d ago

hopefully Sega brings it to PS3 and 360. Sorry Wii owners but your console is more of a toy than anything. People are buying it for Wii Sports and Wii Sports only. It's not like you can't say this is true to some extent for PS3. There are some PS3 owners that only use it for blu-ray. Seems like 360 is the only console that people buy to play games and only play games on.

Bnet3433582d ago

I would of gave it a shot if it came out on PS3 or 360.

DARKDRAGON2543582d ago

this isnt the first game in gaming history that doesnt sell well but is critically acclaimed. I dunno why people expect games to sell well just because its good. It happens. Beyond Good and Evil, Okami, Zack and Wiki, Psychonauts. Same with film. It happens. Get over it.

BardockS30Z3582d ago

I for one love Madworld and I think it is the first real attempt to get the most of the Wii. Too bad Wiiers are too busy jumping around like morons on the balance board instead of actually going outside for physical activity. I really hope sega makes an enhanced version of Madworld for the Ps3 and 360 atleast because obviously its blowing in sales right now

SinnedNogara3582d ago

How many Wii games sell like crazy in the first several weeks. Wait till July before you can judge this game. Wii games sell more slowly than other systems, that is FACT. SSBB sold 146,000 in its first week. Did it bomb?? No. Every single Wii owner should buy this game. And I don't think that they should port it to PSN or Xbox Live. The controls in this game are what make it great. I don't want to press a button to chainsaw someone in half. I want to feel like I am actually doing it in real life with Wii controls.

Well, wait till June. If this game fails to sell at least 400k, I was wrong about what I said.

Off Topic: I just bought my copy of MadWorld yesterday, and for some reason my Wii is running it, even though it won't run anything else.

rockleex3581d ago

Bu... buh.. but the Wii is in DIRECT competition with the PS3 and 360 user base! The Wii IS NOT made up of soccer moms and little kids like everybody claims!

This can't be! This is a lie! Leave the Wii alone!! >_<


XxZxX3581d ago

Good to see XBOX and PS3 fanboy unite to diss Wii. Hahhaaaa but that's true, who ever release an adult games in Wii or DS need to get their priority right.

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Mr_Bun3582d ago

Apparently the wii isn't aimed at the adult market

blind-reaper3582d ago

"hardcore market" because I know adults that play Wii but they are VERY adults (like moms and old people)

Muggles3582d ago

This game would have sold well on PS3/360. That's where this game's audience is.

kratos1233582d ago

look adult games dont sell on the wii this is proof and if the conduit fails(and it will mark my word)you must get it trough your thick brain that the wii isnt fore hard core gamers.i am really disapointed that madworld didnt sell that well it deserves to do much better just like okami

no-spin3582d ago

okami is a classic example that sales Do Not determine the quality of a game. Too bad though it sold poorly.

BeNice3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

therefore was the ps2 no longer a hardcore platfrom. Killer 7 didn't sell well on it, okami didn't do well, viewtiful joe didn't do well all on a supposedly hardcore userbase of 100 million?

I am not buying madworld cos the title does not interest me. I am not a casual gamer. you do not release niche titles for a system to judge the viability for such titles on a platform. Call of duty world at war bombed on wii was an article on n4g a week after it came out. Few months later the title has sold over a million. Games take their time to sell on wii, they don;t sell in a flash like ps3 and 360 games do. they sell over time , you can look over any number of games that had articles say they bombed on wii. boom blox, de blob, house of the dead 2 and 3 , call of duty.

Mad world is a black and white bloody brawler that is roughly five hours long. The game is entirely dependent on being appealing because of the motion controls. I have seen comments on here form Ps3 360 owners who want this game released on psn or live for 20-30 bucks.Why can't it retail for 60 dollars? Won't you pay for an all flash stylistic gory five hour long game? Its a brawler has camera issues. Its a niche title and it hasn't exactly been lauded by critics all over.

The conduit sales sure its a better judge of the platform cos its an fps. But a lack of advertising would hinder its sales. House of the dead overkill isn't doing badly its not doing the low number of 45K its over a 100K now and thats a light gun game.Another niche title. No more heroes another brawler niche title that outsold all of suda 51's previous efforts that were multiplatform and available on the ps2.

Also, sega of america rep already told ign that its pleased with sales so far. They need to see a profit.A wii game costs only a few million to make. To top it of this game isn't incredibly long or spent a long time in development akin to most ps3 360 titles. Its will probably amke beack its budget and more with a fae hundred thousand in sales. Those who wish to disagree please do tell why. I am open to a debate not an opinion based argument that'll go nowhere.

Edit: Ico didn't sell well either if i remember correctly, so many reasons to damn the ps2 if you poke around eh? (I love the system though)

Edit: To the guy above me , sales do not determine the quality of the game but you think any publisher gives a damn at the end of the day you think their investors do? Sales are all that matter because they show what the public thinks.

How do you know if a game is good? what do you judge it by , your personal opinion (which may be based on fun or graphics or gore ) or the opinion of some self-appointed game god we allow to decide whether a game is good or not. Millions buying a game = the game is good , they find it fun to play. 200 reviews 5 starring a game= 200 people who like the game and think its fun.

A game that satisfies millions versus a few hundred is always the better game.

The point is not to have the highest rated games on a console but the highest selling. cos as things adjust and available budgets grow from the sales the quality will go up. As more developers and publishers find constant sales on a platform they begin to take bigger risks towards other genres and other game mechanics.

If the prophecy that developers that make good games on the wii sell like crap and lose money is true boy i wonder how those developers felt on the ps2 (read beginning of post) or the other devlopers who sold 2 million or 3 million on a userbase of 100 million what happened to the other 97 million their mommies didn't let them break their piggy bank and cross the street alone to the game store.

Menchi3582d ago

Ico sold roughly 1 million, Worldwide. That is ignoring a re-release of it in Europe, and Chinese sales.

Shadow of the Colossus hit roughly 1.5 million worldwide sales too.

They're actually pretty great numbers, considering the lack of advertisement, and extremely niche style.

In comparison, I see Madworld advertised at least 5 times a night after 8PM in the UK. The simple fact it's also had it's own bit of controversy over here, what with parents saying it should be banned and the like, would garner it selling a lot better than what it is.

Truth is, Ico and SotC did exceptionally well, considering their situations, compared to Madworlds and many other well advertised games.

So no. You can't damn those games as "Not selling" because they both hit at least 1 million, which is great, for any game.

Source - http://teamicogamers.blogsp...

jtucker783582d ago

"I have seen comments on here form Ps3 360 owners who want this game released on psn or live for 20-30 bucks.Why can't it retail for 60 dollars? Won't you pay for an all flash stylistic gory five hour long game?"

Compare all the game modes and richness of features you get from Brawl or Mario Kart and then look at how much Madworld gives you for $60.
I think the game looks great, but if I were a kid still living at home and going to school I couldn't afford $60 for 5 hours - no matter how cool the visuals are.

BeNice3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

didn't bring up SOTC did not mean the ico series.

But here's the link for the numbers. http://hg101.classicgaming....

The Text is as follows:

ICO received very little press and saw a very low-key release, being far more popular in Europe than in Japan or North America. In all, it sold only about 700,000 copies worldwide, the lion's share in PAL territories where the low print frequency caused the game to sell out just about everywhere and nab three-figure price tags on eBay and Amazon until it was reprinted.

The numbers aren't bad but hardly the numbers for such a great game. Even a million pales in comparison to what it should have done based on how good reviews said it was.

It probably made a profit for sony but my point wan't that they crashed but its is the "expected sales" that are imposed on a game on the wii based on some random criteria without placing the given data in context or attempting to make a positive or constructive criticism of the same.

edit: Joemayo down there somewhere makes an excellent point. What about Valkyria chronicles. Should companies stop mamking good game with great art styles for the ps3 now? #60 owners based on japan figures should square stop making games for the 360? because good games don't sell on any platform sometimes (the good is entirely based on review scores, again).

no-spin3582d ago

The argument you made for determining the quality of a game based in sales and the interest of investors has little to nothing to do with the gamer playing the game.
"A game that satisfies millions versus a few hundred is always the better game"
Better for the publisher and investors and the online community, to clarify i think 95% of games sale above 100 thousand, so a few hundred is a little extreme. To the point- sales dont make a game better over another. Gears 2 better than Uncharted??? dont think so. Halo 3 better than Killzone 2? matter of opinion, but the masses dont think so. Sales are great indicating the trends of the console owners and for developers to get pumped into producing great games. But the gamer playing the game will find a game better than another based on the experience, not in sales and that is something many here are confused about, using sales to say the game is crap, or awesome. Either way massive sales just mean that the game attends to the interest of the majority of owners in a selected console with a excellent-great game. And of course fans will use sales for bragging rights, which is kind of fun.
P.S. That was one long post damn

UnwanteDreamz3582d ago

I have to disagree with your take on the SoTC sales. That game sold sh*t it's first year and only after gaining a cult following was it able to reach 1.5 worldwide. We are talking about a games lifetime sales here. A game that in my opinion should have sold at least twice that with the user base. Seriously one of the best I played last gen.

What they are talking about is sales in comparison to critical acclaim. I can name a crap load of games that sold beter but were boo boo in comparison.

SinnedNogara3582d ago

# BeNice

Call of Duty: World at War on Wii sold 1.2 million units as of now. Wii games don't sell like crazy in their first days of release.

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