Zelda: Ocarina of Time coming to the Wii

GameFocus writes: "Apparently Nintendo is not done with the cool announcements. After announcing The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks last Wednesday at GDC, it seems like the Japanese firm has another huge announcement to make this week."

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Dannagar3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I hope it's true. Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of my all time favorite games. I hope the visuals are updated. I don't want n64 visuals with Wii controls.

hitthegspot3490d ago

That would be a huge disappointment if they don't upgrade the graphics.

v1c1ous3490d ago

majora's Mask was better in terms of content, lore, and mechanics.

Kick The Ass3490d ago

But there's a way bigger demand for Ocarina of Time, like it or not.
Both games are fantastic, btw.

Maxned3490d ago


locos853490d ago

It's already on the Wii on the Virtual Console. I already downloaded it. Why remake a game that looks good already instead of giving us an brand new adventure??? Not excited

njr3490d ago

They could re-release OoT every 5 years and I would still play it.

Omegasyde3490d ago

Orcarina was better in my opinion and was the game I bought a N64 for.

Majora's mask was alright but I just hated being kid link the whole game.

UltraNova3489d ago

I never thought I would buy the Wii but the day has come for me. This game defined my childhood gaming experience!

ZeroBlitz3489d ago

Is it possible to say "took them long enough" too many times?

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lunaticpanda1013490d ago

nintendos waaay too lazy to create a new zelda, i dont want to a play a zelda game which i can already download on the wii, even it might have better graphics.

BeNice3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

you're bashing them and calling them lazy based on a rumor? Something with no solid evidence. It could be true but it also may not. Why is it a cash in anyway didn't people rejoice when they got a remake of Ninja gaiden on the ps3 with updated visuals and a little extra content. Wouldn't a number of people rejoice if final fantasy 7 remake was announced. does that mean square won't make final fantasy 13 ? No it does not. Assuming this is true it could merely be a filler title so that Zelda fans don't have to endure the horrible pain that courses through them waiting for the next Zelda. Maybe its a taste of what we can expect when a full-fledged wii Zelda comes.

On-topic . DAMN YOU NINTENDO!!! Remake Majora's Mask or Link to the Past. They are the best Zeldas ever . I 'd rather have a remake of one of those. A link to the past remake would....*universe explodes*.......

ceedubya93490d ago

But its already been re-released before. Unless they at least update the game for this generation (in Wii terms anyway), then I don't see a whole lot of a reason to do this.

phosphor1123489d ago

though I don't think anyone would mind if the Water Temple was taken out..that place sucks. Anyway. IMO, Nintendo is lazy. I have 2 versions for 64, Master Quest version for GameCube, and an emulated version I can run on my 1080 screen. No thanks Nintendo. I'd rather take a new IP...Mmmmm Mad World..Conduit looks shmexy too.

BrotherNick3490d ago

I'm game for a remake of the highest rated game of all time. It gives time to finish making a new zelda.

hitthegspot3490d ago

I hope your right. That would be a good play.

ChickeyCantor3490d ago

Perhaps...they now will correct their story on how it ended as people claimed the ending provided 2 different with link and one without....but then again i dont think Nintendo wanted it to have a "real" story.

jagstatboy3490d ago

This does not excite me as much as a new Zelda built from the ground up for the Wii does.

ceedubya93490d ago

Would be well worth the time.

This just seems like a way to make a quick buck. Great game though, no denying that.

animboo3490d ago

the prospect of playing ocarina of time excite, i still would've prefer a new zelda game that was built for the wii with the use of or a better engine than twilight games not rehash please..