New Screens from Uncharted: Drake's Adventure

Here's a few more screens from Naughty Dog's upcoming PS3 title that found their way out, and they're even more impressive than the last bunch.

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techie4626d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

The jungle looks amazing - just wish we had direct feed images instead of these crappy scans!

Interesting that the final soundtrack will react dynamically to the onscreen action ingame :P that's cool.

You saw the original one right? Their animations for this are mind blowing. Just sooo good. I believe the original was ingame, since Naughty Dog have never released footage that wasn't using the ingame engine before. And yeah Naughty Dog AI and movement is the best - they designed their own AI programming system which is used a lot in the industry now and I hear it's far superious to other methods. :P

ps. are these scans from Edge magazine? As these shots weren't on the GI scans.

Oh and I forgot to say's Uncharted: Drake's FORTUNE :)

DJ4625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

I'm just waiting for the gameplay videos, 'cause Naughty Dog's games always look amazing in motion. I'm actually not sure where these came from, but it looks like G.I.'s preview was older than originally thought.

MyNameIsNotRick4625d ago

Hopefully they'll put more than 1 or 2 characters in these scenes. Right DJ?

DrWan4625d ago

The interview preview said, they will have 2 characters on your sides? not sure if they are playable (most likily not). One is the girl who's a journalist i think, and the 2nd one is a elderly gentleman who's named is Sullivan or something. He's suppose to be your mentor and come to your rescues from time to time i think.

Due to the setting of the story, its hard for me to imagine there would too many characters to interact with. But i dont know, just guessing.. treasure hunt, deserted island, u know what i mean. I am hoping i will like this one, bc i hated all the tomb raider for some reason. Hope there will be more even amount of action vs. crazy puzzles on this one.

techie4625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

Hi notrick.

From footage there are more than 1 or 2 characters, as for a start you are joined by a filmmaker and there are quite a few enemies.

I should have realised...silly DJ. I apologise.

MyNameIsNotRick4625d ago

It has nothing to do with anything. My comment was a bit of sarcasm. The comment is actually what DJ said about Mass Effect screen shots in February. The game looks great and the point is that the comment is pointless. Just having a little fun:)

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Takumi864625d ago

nice find man

im loving this game

Bhai4625d ago

Thanks DJ for the screens, looking at individual leaves on a tree or vine rather than the same old Unreal-Engine style texture leaves is a sight I had been so long in waiting. Now its affirmative that there is a game and in the very first year of PS3 launched that pulls off this feat of insane polygon frenzy and even with individual grass blades that sway with the wind.

You guys do remember Naughty Dog's PS2 masterpiece Jak 3 right? That title was among the very first that had me stunned at how much polys it threw on-screen. Just going into the non-loading, seamless desert and watching that every pebble, every vegetation and every thorn on the cactus tree were whole 3D objects rather than textures, and mostly were destroyable at that, was a sight both delightful and awe-inspiring. And all the mountains were a collection of individual giant rocks...with day and night models changing the light over them ! was insanity, and the devs who could pull that stuff on a 7 years old PS2 can be guaranteed to rock the world when it comes to the power of PS3...and its just the start yet !!!

GaMr-4625d ago

The more im starting to realize. Drake is one of the PS3's secret weapons. Could this be. An answer to Gears. Imagine that. Without even knowing or using the Unreal Engine 3. Naughty Dog vs. Epic ?

Well you guys know me. You can definetly expect comparison videos. I'll have them here Asap.

I guess we can finally see some 2nd Gen vs. 2nd Gen action.

DrWan4625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

Haha, it would be interesting to see how this one goes. But i think i can imagine the result already. PS3 brighter!!! Xbox darker but more anti-aliasing!!! or whatever bull the two sides of fanboys pull out..

But these two games are in very different art-direction, it will be difficult to compare them IMO.

Athlon4625d ago

This game looks freakin unbelievable!

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The story is too old to be commented.