Nintendo Heading in What Direction?

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "Nintendo has done very well for themselves so far in this generation of gaming. The Nintendo Wii was a near impossibility to find in your local retailers for at least a year. The Nintendo DS is also dominating the handheld realm of the industry. Nintendo has single handily brought video games to an audience that may have never shown interest in them otherwise. Both the Wii and DS are still selling very well but it would seem that the Wii has lost a bit of steam. TNG has many thoughts on what the future of Nintendo may hold."

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N4g_null3492d ago

You guys have no idea what they are going to do. You also have no idea of what they should do.

"has always focused their attention on the core gaming community for the most part. "

They , nintendo has always made games I did not have to get all hardcore about. The funny thing is the hardcore comunity believes they can bully nintendo?

"This newfound support of the core gamer by Nintendo in 2009 is likely occurring because they know that they have alienated the core gaming community in 2008 and were ridiculed relentlessly. It should be obvious to any gamer that the Wii 2, or the next console by Nintendo is in development but its direction should be the thing that interests gamers the most. By the time of the release of Nintendo's next console, HD televisions are going to be the norm as opposed to this generation of gaming that had to push HD on consumers. As many have suspected, the next console from Nintendo will likely be an HD console that supports more than a measly 480p."

That is pretty sad, and I would love to see more HDtvs in homes but the recession is not helping.

Another thing is every time some one brings up nintendo and hardcore they always talk about zelda.

I think I get it, paper mario, excite truck, BWii, metroid 3, etc are not zelda. Man is that what this is all about? Zelda fans crying for their next fix? Zelda is good but seriously can you really call your self hardcore if your only going to play zelda?

I think most people bring up zelda because of the crazy demo nintendo did at that one E3. I'll admit I was impressed but I still would have seen the last zelda on the SNES as the best one hands down.