Why Sony should add Netflix to the PS3 now

Cnet: In recent days, rumors have been percolating about the PlayStation 3 getting Netflix streaming video support. Most of the rumors revolve around a survey that Netflix has out gauging user interest in adding its service to Sony's game console for a fee. No one seems to know whether Netflix or Sony commissioned the survey, but either way, it's certainly raised hopes with PS3 owners that they would get something that Xbox 360 owners have had for a while. (For what it's worth, nearly identical rumors of Netflix on the Wii have also been making the rounds.)

Interestingly, as the rumors make their way around the blogosphere, Sony's been trying to promote how robust its Playstation Network Service (PSN) is and how great a media extender the PS3 is. A few weeks ago, a few of us from CNET spent some time visiting with Sony PR and marketing reps in a hotel suite going over what PSN had to offer, including Home, Sony's online virtual community that's hit 5 million registered users. And just yesterday, I got a voice mail from a PR rep encouraging me to do a story on what a great media extender the PS3 is.

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chrisnick3488d ago

sony doesn't need netflix, and they have such a reputation that they are able to sell movies from other studios as opposed to making ppl pay only to rent them...the psn video store is better just based on that fact.(IMO)

Lifendz3488d ago

not really impressed. I saw maybe one movie that I would like to watch that wasn't available on PSN. The only difference is that he gets to enjoy those movies for a fraction of the cost I would spend if I downloaded every single movie I wanted to watch within a month.

I hope Sony announces some sort of subscription plan for PSN. I would hop right on for a Family Guy, South Park, and movie subscription. I don't know how it would work out with the licenses and what not, but it has to be

Oh yeah, why is it more expensive to rent an HD movie off PSN than it is to rent the blu-ray at blockbuster? Sure it's only like a buck more but it's still more.

IcarusOne3488d ago

This whole discussion reminds me of an earlier notion when the PS3 launched that has since been forgotten...

Basically, if you look at the architecture, Sony has designed the perfect HD media machine. The way the RAM is allocated through the processor, the GPU, etc...if you want pristine 1080p video, this is the player to use. It is without equal or rival.

It was also never designed to contend in the console war. The 360 came to play games. The PS3 came to put blu-ray into as many homes as possible. I'm very glad I have them both.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3488d ago

"Sony doesn't need Netflix" then why are Sony's movies being streamed through Netflix over Live?

JD_Shadow3488d ago

Options never hurt anyone. Saying "oh, the PS3 doesn't need Netflix" is like saying "oh, I don't want Sony to grow their product". It would be one more thing that the PS3 would be able to offer.

Personally, I don't think I would ever use it, but I know that a lot of people would want it and would use it. Growth of a product is never a bad thing.

Oh, and OT a bit: Is it just me, or is this the first CNet article in a long time that is actually NOT anti-Sony and is actually saying that the PS3 does something better than the 360? Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming.

chrisnick3488d ago

because they have their own studio? they get money from them im sure...use your brain sir.

SaiyanFury3488d ago

Me and my wife had Netflix through the mail for a while, but since we got C-band satellite, we get all of major movie channels and free programming so it was no longer necessary. And Netflix on PS3? Wouldn't work for me because my internet connection is only 1.5mbps. That's not even good enough for standard SD signal to get through. If I try to download a 4GB DVD, it takes me 2 days. Not worth it in my eyes.

MNicholas3488d ago

Netflix streaming service has poor selection and poor quality (particularly with their new compression tech).

Sony, Amazon, Blockbuster, and many others offer much better selection.

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remanutd553488d ago

i have a serious question to ask , does anyone know if sony sometime in their history have consider to make its own tv channel??? i mean they got the movies , the music and the video games to back it up , why they havent done it yet?? heck i think it could get enough rating just with the playstation brand alone

gaffyh3488d ago

You might be a bit surprised by this, but the do own and run a few Bollywood/Indian channels. The main one is Sony Max, but they have others in the subscription as well. Dunno about any English channels though

remanutd553488d ago

very nice to know but why they dont do it in america , i mean Universal , Disney have their own tv channels why sony dont think about it , i mean they got movies, tv shows , music and video games all the entertainment they need to make it happen , i wish they do make it happen so i dont have to go to others websites to see playstation news if you know what i mean lol

Alcohog3488d ago

Use PlayOn and you can already stream Netflix.

Socomer 19793488d ago

Ps3 already lets you rents blurays from netflix when you use the browser but you cant stream it. So what? There are a million free websites that work on my ps3 to stream movies. It also be pretty stupid to have netflix taking money away from the PSN Video store.
Who would be dumb enough to partner up with netflix on a videogames console?

Sorry Cnet, Netflix isnt as such a big deal as you used to feel about it.
Welcome to the world of jaded gamers who arent easily impressed.

dj555555553488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

PS3 has Free view, HD on demand later this year and blu ray which offers much better quality than Netflix. Nothing in this artical makes me want to have this.

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