Most Romantic Tales: Romeo and Juliet Demo Available

"Independent developer has released a one hour demo of the first instalment in its Most Romantic Tales series, Romeo & Juliet.

Described as a "visual novel" (which surprised us, given that R & J is a play), the game features line-by-line translation of the original text and the player must choose dialogue options. You can even pursue a happy ending, if you're the kind of person who finds a double suicide a bit of a downer."

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Dorjan3516d ago

How interesting, I can see this being a starting point of a new type of craze...

Fyzzu3516d ago

I'm actually speechless.

Maticus3516d ago

That sounds really cool, yes I think I will enjoy changing the end of that particular story. Are they doing Titanic too? A few changes I'd like to make there as well.

Leord3516d ago

Good point, quite a few sad stories could be user-improved!

Oh, think of if you could get a "film" of your choices, that would be nice. Think of all the You-tube fan films there would be! =)

Leord3516d ago

Haha, awesome. For people that don't like the ACTUAL morals of the story, you can get a happy ending. That's just priceless.

Might try it out just for that!