Sony hush on tomorrow's announcement

It's being reported across the internet that Sony is to make an announcement tomorrow, although what it's about is anyone's guess.

Despite word of the announcement having supposedly come directly from SCEA, UK reps were unable to comment on the "rumours", CVG was told this morning.

The obvious guess would be the much-rumoured PS3 price drop, or maybe it could be one of those "absolutely amazing" unannounced exclusives Sony is promising this year.

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paulbloem3488d ago

It's not news worthy. No new news, to bad though. Still waiting for the big bang tomorrow.

Monchichi0253488d ago

It's already pretty obvious that it's the annoucement thet the PS2 will finally be under $100. It's actually gonna be $99. There's proof already everywhere on the internet about it.

Giriath3488d ago

But there are also reports of the announcement being about the Playstation 3 and its future.

Mindboggle3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

I bet there wont be any announcement regarding PS3.Its most likely the PS2 price drop.

Although im really hoping for 2.7 update or a PS3 price drop, But im not getting my hopes up.

Nineball21123488d ago

@ Giriath... What do you mean by "its future". Surely you aren't suggesting Sony might announce that they'll drop the PS3? o_O

I'd bet it's going to be about the PS2 and the price drop for it. They might also mention a PS3 price drop and that'd be great news for those ppl waiting for one.

himdeel3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago ) spreading information that it's a PS2 price cut to $99.

Edited: Pal has corrected me and is indeed correct, not going to ninja-edit :) my bad

Palodios3488d ago

All signs point to the ps2 price drop being on April 5th, not March 31st. Also, Kotaku has already posted an article about that today anyway.

SiLeNt KNighT3488d ago

supposedly its a world wide announcement. price drops are generally not world wide. I say itll be a psp2 announcement, an exclusive game for ps3 or a firmware update for ps3. regardless, the Kz2 patch comes out tomorrow and thats news enough for me.

JokesOnYou3488d ago

sony's hush on *tommorrows announcement today

I mean why won't they comment(tell us what the announcement is) about something they planned on releasing tommorrow?

lmfao, news about news about news thats speculating about what *tommorrows news will be. lol Talk about a slow news day.


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yoghurt3488d ago

You don't need Sony to make you look like a moron.

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joeyisback25853488d ago

mums? haha hes a lil british bich his mum probaly has to buy his over age games i would of been his father but the family dog beat me to it

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