PS3 PR Video: fighting cancer with [email protected]

In order to help in the fight against cancer, researchers at Stanford University and the folks from Sony Computer Entertainment America, have teamed up to bring the [email protected] project to the PS3. Here is a video report about the project.

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BIadestarX4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

I guess Sony's PR will try anything to sells those little black boxes.
Let's put it this way, now that people will never turn off their consoles so they can "help cure cancer" this will increase energy consumtion and add to global warming which may cause humans to become a thing of the past. LOL. Just kidding.

techie4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Haha bladestar you are actually right. It would cost a lot as well. But anyway it is a good thing. And it would be easier to get your gran to liking your console. You can throw that line at them "Im changing the world, Im curing cancer" lol.

Marionz this is about something that a ps3 owner can do to help in an important cause. It's not going to change sales, it can run in parallell with games. Stop being so closed minded. If it can help then that's cool, dont you think? Yes curing these diseases is a gimmik. I have to say you're slightly moronic. Glad that you don't know anyone who got these diseases. This doesn't show the power of the ps3, it just shows what millions of people can do with consoles in their homes

Oh and this is not a duplicate story. This video has not been seen before.

marionz4258d ago

we hear all the things the ps3 can do, like cure cancer, home and bluray
but can we have a break from all the hype and see the facts that ps3 has what it takes to play great games!
i saw the ps3 with my own eyes for the first time the other day, its still not out in shops here but they had a demo stand in harvey norman, i still cant get over the size and price, and whats funny is you think there would be a line of people waiting to play it, but there was only a line waiting to play on the 360's and why? because there was decent games playing on the 360's
cut the gimmicks and show that the ps3 can deliver the games and the true next gen experience that it claims is better then the rest

scriptkiddie4258d ago

maybe i'm wrong, but to me

isn't this supposed to be a game machine? shouldn't they have some PR showing some awesome games. If i was a consumer that was buying a $600 games machine i don't care about how it can cure cancer or play blu-ray movies.

Armyless4258d ago

Just because it's a game machine doesn't mean that if something "non" game is released it diminishes the games for the console already. There is no less focus on gaming (and the profit therein) as a result of this interesting, informative and free download.

techie4258d ago

Well good for you you shallow person. It's not PR it's the news with members of Stanford University. If ps3's can help then so be it. Life isn't all about games you silly child.

Armyless4258d ago

God forbid you put something research related on a networked console. I suppose you have to get permission from the gaming community cynics to use the next gen consoles to expand computer/programming theory. Funny, I don't remember these fools complaining about something so silly when the SETI research labs did this very thing with networked PC's across the globe.

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The story is too old to be commented.