Konami Developing Gormiti Games

IncGamers reports that Konami have snapped up the license for popular franchise Gormiti and are developing games on DS and Wii for the series.

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Fyzzu3492d ago

I've never, ever heard of this series. Ever. Am I out of touch? :(

Leord3492d ago

Donno, but I recognize the logo. I am not sure if I have heard of the name. Sounds Russian..

If Konami picked it up, it's likely to be of OK quality though...

AndyA3492d ago

Nope, this is new to me too. Sounds quite interesting too.

Sangria3492d ago

Seeing the logo, it's highly probably an american shônen like Bionicles, an animation series with robots, clans, super-powers, weapons,... that is diffused on teen TV channels.
So Konami is probably considering making cheap games on Wii and DS like they did with Yu-Gi-Ôh.

UltimateIdiot9113492d ago

I think I've seen commercial on this. I think it's a toy or some kind of card game on it.

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thetamer3492d ago

Konami are now a force to be reckoned with.

Leord3492d ago

You mean "Gormiti is now a force to be reckoned with"?

Maticus3492d ago

With Konami at the helm I'm sure these games will be worth checking out.