Codemasters Signs Rally Talent For DIRT 2

Codemasters has confirmed Subaru Rally Team USA driver Ken Block will appear in Colin McRae's DIRT 2. He will also act a technical consultant to the development team, advising on car handling.

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Dorjan3541d ago

I still think the way colin died was... crazy... damn.

Leord3541d ago

Is that one of the coders for the game?

thetamer3541d ago

Great a guy. Shame that McRae and Burns are now dead. Both brilliant, British rally drivers.

Leord3541d ago

I wonder if these technical experts, who undoubtedly know what they are doing, really can help much in the programming o.O

Fyzzu3541d ago

I... don't know who this guy is ;/

Fyzzu3541d ago

Hang on. If he's technical consultant and is named and all the rest of it, then shouldn't it now be "Ken Block: DIRT"? Or "Ken Block's Colin McRae: DIRT 2"?