Shadow Cabinet Minister Praises Videogame BAFTA

Shadow Minister for Arts, Tory MP Edward Vaizey, has highlighted the videogame's importance to the UK economy by tabling an early day motion for debate in the Commons.

Vaizey goes on to condemn the current Labour government's support of the videogame industry.

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thetamer3489d ago

So what would the Tories do if they came to power? I really don't know. But eitehr way, I would rather see those 'adult movies' which ol' Missus Smith has on her hard drive.

Leord3489d ago

Oh! More money to videogamers! I mean, er, videogamemakers =P

Fyzzu3489d ago

It's nice there's some recognition, but ugh. I'm cynical enough of politicians that this smacks of an attempt to raise his own profile. I really hope I'm wrong, though, because I can't help but support his thoughts.

Maticus3489d ago

The US is giving tax breaks to the games industry, we usually follow suit with everything that happens across the pond, it'll happen here eventually.