Rumor: Beautiful Katamari to hit Xbox 360, PS3, Wii this year

According to Orange Lounge Radio, Namco has announced to retailers that a new Katamari game will arrive on all three major consoles later this year. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Beautiful Katamari will hit October 17th for $39.99, while Wii owners have to wait until November 14th and pay $29.99.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4628d ago

Isn't Katamari a Japanese delicacy ( squid on a stick )? Stupid I know, just wondering.

Never played this game/ series before. Is it any fun?

DrWan4628d ago

You know, Sony and Namco Bandai has a really close relationships both in terms of business and that Kusuragi's son is also in a executive positin in Namco.

And they formed the new company Cellius...I think there should be reasons to be quite skeptical about this 'rumor' until Namco confirms it.

And not to mention, both gundam games were best sellers in Japan and even sold as bundles.

What do u guys think? Early april fool's joke?

power of Green 4628d ago

I'm "thinking" i don't really care because i never heard of this game(s) but they must be dam good games if you're a Sony only fan wishing they wont show up on other platforms.

power of Green 4628d ago

LOL i was just about to come in here and comment on how reading the headline a few seconds ago made me hungry. I eat a lot of Sea food it's averwhere in the Seattle area.

DrWan4628d ago

Dont get me wrong, I am no fanboys. If they decided to roll this one out on 360 its whatever to me. The game was very fun on the ps2, its one of those low budget roll around collect all the trash around urself type game.

Online 4 trash balls rolling around maybe fun though lol...

but..just wanted to be sketical until Namco confirms this.