Sony: GTA Will Return to PSP

Head of Sony PSP hardware and marketing North America, John Koller, has said that Grand Theft Auto will make a return to the PSP.

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syrinx3489d ago

Good move, could do with a GTA on the PSP.

Leord3489d ago

It would work very well on the PSP, yeah.

AndyA3489d ago

Good news, LCS wasn't bad at all.

Maticus3489d ago

Yay, even more versions of this game for kids to get their hands on...

Fyzzu3489d ago

Ooh, you cynic. More GTA's rarely a bad thing, anyway :)

theEnemy3489d ago

my little cousins love GTA on their PSP. It's a bad thing I know.

I just hope they won't do the things they do on GTA in real life.

Dorjan3489d ago

Rockstar aren't letting themselves be bullied into signing a exclusive deal by anyone!

Nice one imo!

thetamer3489d ago

I think the DS version is amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.