Apple fanboys furious over Microsoft adverts

Apple fanboys are foaming at the mouth over the latest wave of Microsoft adverts which happen to point out that their over priced toys are more expensive than ordinary PCs.

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Kakkoii3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Mmmm, great article. They did a good job of showing the bias and ignorance of those sites.

Now for the onslaught of people making wild and ridiculous claims here to back up their love for a brand.

(Note: The no Virus's argument is inherently pointless. Because the only real reason Mac's have a much less chance of virus's is because of it's percentage of use by the world. Hackers make virus's targeted towards the biggest audience. So they can maximize data retrieval and thus profit. If Mac's were the majority, hackers would be focusing on making virus's against them, instead of PC's. That's just how it works. Another small part being that you have less freedom with hardware/drivers on OS X, thus leaving less ways for a person to get themselves infected. Essentially treating you like an idiot who can't be trusted to do things right.

On the topic of BSOD, that's in relation to the virus issue. Most BSOD's are a direct result of virus's. Most virus's can be prevented if a person does a little research on prevention instead of being lazy and thinking nothing will happen to them.)

JohnnyMann4203491d ago

Man I have never owned a Apple. Twice I have had a Virus. I have had the BSoD plenty (especially back in the day)

You know why?

I Do.

Drivers.....not a freaking virus.

I totally disagree with the BSoD virus theory you completely made up.

Oh and BTW, I fix computers for a living (viruses included) and you totally pulled that out of your a$$ to make yourself feel better about owning a Windows computer.

Apple's Computers are more stable, it is a known fact. Are they better?

Hell No. (this is my opinion)

chrisnick3491d ago

why did my first comment get deleted? u know what? it doesn't matter, that just proved it was the truth.

IdleLeeSiuLung3491d ago


The truth is out and Apple fanboys are upset!!!

I recognize that Apple is a well built computer and exceptionally designed. However, I refuse to give my money to Apple and bought Thinkpads instead. They cost less, is less trendy, but built like a tank and has great features such as Trackpoint, active protection system, security chip and a host of built in software that works great!

thewhoopimen3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Frankly, the fact that all of you Window BSOD trolls immediately post your hate rants after an article is posted on a " website" proves more to me that you are less secure with your computing platform than I am with mine.

Perhaps next time you should let the Apple lovers come in first and defend so you have some ammo. For me, seeing all these sad envious posts really makes me feel good... Nah, I really don't care, but you guys get the picture.

Look, if I wanted to go out of my way to use the best components to build something, I would rather spend in on a new custom car instead of a computer. Building a custom computer just really proves how much of a dork you are. On the otherhand, the same can't be said for a tricked out car.

likedamaster3491d ago

Reason why? Too expensive, bottom line.

tatical3491d ago

'the build quality of Apple has gone down the toilet recently'

False. Apple laptops start out as a single block of aluminum and are carved up (key holes, speaker holes, etc) into the main body of the laptop. The laptops that you'll find Best Buy don't even come close to the construction of a MacBook/Pro.

I have both Macs and PCs, OS X is a better OS IMHO when compared to XP & Vista 64. Apple could sell their stuff for less, but so could Infinity (they're just Nissan's anyway).

phosphor1123491d ago

OSX has "Boot Camp", which lets you boot into Windows. They also have things like Cross Over (not owned back Apple) which is about $40 which adds a list of thousands of Windows only compatible programs to your arsenal of programs.

SaiyanFury3490d ago

HAHAHA I've been saying they're overpriced for years. Are Apple's products bad? Of course not. Are they overpriced? Of course yes. The money for the aggressive advertising has to come from somewhere I suppose. In 2007, and this is from Apple's own financial statement: 10 million dollars was spent on R&D and 486 million was spent on advertising. I just don't think that Apple products are worth the overinflated costs. Disagree with me or not, you'll not change my view on that. Especially when I can build a gaming grade PC for less than a thou.

XxZxX3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Well I'm not a fan of PC nor Apple nor Linux. I just used what ever most convenient, I used them all. What I dont get is...why the furious, Mac being pummeling PC for a while with stupid ad and when PC retaliate, Mac users cried foul??!!! HUH???!!! Seriously man.. HUH???!!!!!!!!!!!!

MikeGdaGod3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

i recently bought a new 15-inch macbook pro and i love

i'll never go back to pc, its well worth the price to me

EDIT: plus i have VMware Fusion on it if i ever need windows

Raz3490d ago

@ article author:

I'm sorry you couldn't afford a Mac; but jealousy is an ugly thing.

I'd be very interested to hear the perspective of Windows users after April 1st and the fallout from Conficker. I personally enjoy an operating system and hardware that doesn't have dozens of software and driver conflicts, malware and spyware loopholes, and massive limitations on what you can run (unless you fork over the cash for top-of-the-line upgrades and add-ons).

So if you like your PC - hey, good for you. I like my Mac, and if you wanna trash it with irrational comments and dubious figures...I wish you all the joy of the attempt. It isn't going to spoil my enjoyment of its quality, safety and reliability.

SprSynJn3490d ago

I haven't noticed the difference in price because all I look at are Macs. I have had two PC's (Toshiba & Fujitsu) in the past while my immediate family have had both a Compaq and a Gateway. I bought a Mac after I realized how much better the OS is and how cool it's overall appearance is. I am not sure what the price difference was at the time because again, I was only looking for a Macbook. Next computer for me will be, of course, another Mac. I know this is cliche, but once you go Mac, you never go back. Just about everything is better about it. Yes it might be more expensive, but Toyota's are generally more pricey than their competitors, yet they are putting the Big 3 out of business. People will hopefully realize the better investment of a Mac in the future, just give them time. I mean, iPods took over CD's in no time flat. iPhone seems to be taking over the cell phone industry in many parts of the world too.

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kewlkat0073491d ago

...That's why I can't see myself yet getting an Apple laptop.

slinkey1233491d ago

Its true you paying for the name. There is nothing you cant do on a PC that you can on a mac. But there are plenty of things you cant do on a mac that you can on a PC.

And BSOD NEVER happens anymore. If it does, its hardware.

But i gotta admit macs are dam sexy :)

commodore643491d ago

quoting above ^^^^ .... "But i gotta admit macs are dam sexy :) "

Dude, if you ever find yourself making love to the USB port of your mac one night.... it's time to seek help, ok?