Alien Hominid HD - XboxLIVE Arcade Deal of the Week

As a feisty yet adorable alien, gamers must fend off FBI agents in search of their coveted spacecraft. With unique, hand-drawn characters and weapons, this award-winning title is the epitome of quirky humour and intergalactic fun. Sixteen levels, seven Mini-Games, and jump-in anytime multiplayer capability adds to the cosmic mayhem. Alien Hominid HD from The Behemoth is a side-scrolling extraterrestrial experience like no other, and is available now for download on XboxLIVE! Arcade for Xbox360.

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Montrealien3585d ago

I was holding out on this one since I have the Original Xbox game, but for 400 points, sold!

SRU96003585d ago

Very cool, I've been waiting for the price to drop for a long time.