Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings - New screenshots

LucasArts published a batch of new Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings screenshots. Check them out.

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clevernickname3515d ago

The release date was recently pushed back to June 12th. Not much later, but a few weeks none the less.

diefor3515d ago

I hope, xbox360 and ps3 have this game to.

Eiffel3515d ago

Not as of yet, but Lucasarts has stated they are very deep into development of the 360 and PS3 versions. Atleast its glad to know it will be using the same engine as The Force Unleashed. I wonder if they will use the Havok engine for physics. Lucasarts uses that for nearly all of their recent titles.

kingme713515d ago

The Force Unleashed engine was a great game engine. The game also got alot of unfair criticism. Very fun!

clevernickname3515d ago


Where have you heard that? The last thing I read was that Staff of Kings would not appear on the PS3/360 because of spiraling development costs.

Eiffel3515d ago

The game was announced back in 2005. When PS2, Xbox Gamecube ruled the industry. The prior titles for past and recent platforms such as the wii got a port from the PS2 version and being how the original Xbox is dead, its version was scrapped. the 360 and PS3 titles have been delayed due to the prior development of The Force Unleashed. However this may change before the game is released. Lucas Arts is only speculating the release platforms. It may not be official.

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Are_The_MaDNess3515d ago

what happend to the indi game on the PS3???
i remeber a trailer from 05 i think
it was whit the new SW engine
and it looked cool

Andras843515d ago

I hope they will do an Indy game for the PS3 as well.

clevernickname3515d ago

It is not a Wii only game. There are also DS, PSP and PS2 versions.