Why it is likely Sony will drop the PS3 price Tuesday


"If you look at everything going on for Sony this may be the best time to drop the price of the PS3. Currently, Sony has a great lineup and with the state of the economy a price drop could potentially help the PS3 immensely. Also, if Sony has reached profitability with the PS3, then the original goal has been met as well. However, I do have some reservations as to if a price drop will actually help sell the PS3s around this time of the year. A price cut closer to E3 or Christmas would be the best move for Sony."

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Cajun Chicken3488d ago

Indeed going to happen somepoint in this year before september. How else are kids going to get hold of Ratchet Future 2, Eyepet and the other classics such as LBP and Ratchet Future ToD?

Marceles3488d ago

As much as I would want them to drop the price, it's way too close to April fools for me to believe anything I really want to happen lol