OCModShop Review: MLB 09: The Show

OCModShop Writes:

"The great lighting and physics of the game really work well with the amazing graphics and sound. No sooner did the announcer tell us that it was 43 degrees than I noticed fans bundled for the weather. It is nice to see that the developers really put some time into this game. Amazing graphics and animations combine with hours of playtime, multiple play modes, and online play as well. What more could any fan ask for?

I was a bit disappointed to see that a Home Run Derby was not included in this version because, to me, they are often the best part of the game. Who doesn't love trying to hit balls out of various parks in derby mode and challenging your friends to a long ball battle? That being said, not only is MLB 09 The show the best Baseball game out there, it just may be the best sports game ever created."

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