Portable Gamer Review | Avalon Code

The Portable Gamer writes:

"There is, at once, an overwhelming sense of deja vu when one snaps the cartridge of a Japanese RPG into a Nintendo-made gaming device. A young hero, drafted into the service of good, shouldering the fate of the world. Have we been here before, and how many times? This time will be different, they say, words spoken from the slick tongue of a liar.

At this point we must be scraping the clay out the bottom of a bone-dry well. We can skim the synopsis of any genre staple and find the plot of Avalon Code verbatim. It's not even worth mentioning.

The hook that bobs enticingly before us is the "Book of Prophecy." The world is ending, you see, and we have been chosen by the gods to write the story of the one to follow. As with any hook, once you bite, you instantly realize your mistake. By the time we're in the boat, we're thirty dollars and twenty hours poorer."

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roblef3492d ago

Most well-written review of a crappy game I've ever read.