Prevent PS3 from Smokers Cough! Reports:

"Hori are planning to release the 'Dust & Nicotine Guard 3' for Playstation 3, a product which is designed to limit the effects that passive smoking may have on your PS3 console. It will be on sale towards the end of February for a price in the region of $20."

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techie4232d ago

Lol. That has to be beyond stupid. Why is it just for passive smoking and not dust and everything? Is the ps3 going to get hooked or something?

Chain smoking Mercedies supercomputer, fighting against disease while it cooks up a healthy chicken breast...what next? Please list your suggestions...

OldSchoolGamer4232d ago

I think smoking related deaths for consoles is underreported lol. I think smoking around them has contributed to the failure of my 360, xbox, one ps2 (refused to smoke around the second, yet still died), and one power supply for my computer.

Kids important lesson high end technology and tar smoke not a good combo lol.

marionz4232d ago

dust isnt a factor in my place cos im a total clean freak, i put monica to shame! and smokeing inside is just yuck! dont do it its nasty!

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4231d ago

From the once popular U.S. television show entitled FRIENDS?

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The story is too old to be commented.