InvenSense selling Wii MotionPlus tech for $40 ... to anyone

InvenSense, the creators of the tech inside MotionPlus, are selling just that for $40. Problem for Nintendo is anyone can buy the chipset, including rivals Sony and Microsoft, right from InvenSense's website.

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avantgarde843488d ago

wow what if Sony or Microsoft got their hands on this?

qface643488d ago

even if someone else bought them they would still get the motion plus out nothing would change just the owner would

anyways uhh i forgot what i was gonna say
oh would make sense if nintendo bought em if this is true that is

Product3488d ago

it will be interesting to see what happens though.......but i will say its crazy how anyone can buy this tech off the internet. Some creative people might find fun things to do with this.

avantgarde843488d ago

Actually i really dont care about Sony and Microsoft buying these what i care about more is i really really hope motion plus is cheaper than $40. If its over $30 im not getting it for awhile.

UltimateIdiot9113488d ago

Why would sony need this? Sixaxis already has six axis.

Product3487d ago

a gyroscope is way more accurate than the accelerometers that are used in the sixaxis. An accelerometer is no match for a gyroscope when talking about rotation movements.

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ogmaster3488d ago

Great article. Thanks for letting me know.

Cajun Chicken3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Anyway, really looking forward to what Nintendo decides to do with this on the Wii, very exciting stuff personally.

Product3487d ago

yea ive seen this tech demo an is exactly why im excited over for motionplus.

phosphor1123487d ago

They have their own projects they are working on. MS hasn't released anything yet, but Sony's 3rd party company had a tech demo for their "PS3mote".

Also, I sure hope its less than $40. It would be kind of ridiculous to charge that much for the Wii M+. While I understand they need to make a profit, they are already making the most profit. Not only by over pricing the Wii itself (at a bloody 250USD) but also with all the peripherals. $20 is what the price SHOULD be.

N4g_null3487d ago

WOW $40 sounds like a lot but I'm sure nintendo's wii resort will help make up for it. The thing works great.

I'm not really concerned with MS and sony using this because it is not consider high tech enough to them. They need things that they can just add that will make their games look better. Adding another controls would not be well received to the HD developers. The reasoning being the HD developer don't like motion because they feel it can not help out their FPS games.

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