PS3 event at small local shopping centre

Every new console that arrives is always welcomed with midnight launches and news coverage but from Oxford street.

Today i recieve a phonecall from the local GAME store where i pre ordered my PS3 (perry barr) birmingham and recieve a major shock.

The manager tells me the bundles and prices then tells me that the store and one stop have teamed up to midnight launch the PS3 with a BANG!

For pre ordered customers only, they would be invited in the store at 11pm to view all the prices, bundles, deals, acessories and view trailers for PS3 games before midnight. The staff will be on the floor chatting PS3 to everyone and once it hits midnight the consoles are sellable.

He said 'as gamers we've never really experienced the buzz of a midnight launch so what better way to experience it than with the PS3'

Motorstorm was the game that was going to be on the screens and blaring out of the speakers along with competitions for goodies.

He sounded extremelly enthusiastic over the phone and the buzz around the store was eletric when i walked in later that day.

What is your local store doing for launch?

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kingboy4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

A boat carrying the ps3`s will be patrolling around the Eiffel Tower(paris) from 6 -11 pm..Games will be available to play with, then launch at midnight until la launch!

techie4624d ago

Wow that sounds cool! Paris here I come! (I wish) I wonder what's happening in Nottingham...maybe I'll go for a wander on thursday/friday