GDC: Joystiq Hands On With Punch Out

JoyStiq Writes:

"You're probably wondering if the game feels a lot like Wii Boxing, and that's going to be an obvious comparison for everyone. There's no way around this, because you're throwing your arms out and simulating punches. It'll be that way for any boxing game on the Wii, for all eternity. After about 10 minutes of gameplay, my arms were throbbing, and I felt like I'd just done 30 minutes of Tae-bo. While it's not a bad idea if you're a gamer looking for a workout, an hour or more of this in a row is going to leave you unable to lift a pencil the next day.

Little Mac has a lot more options to punch, dodge, duck, shoot body blows or uppercuts, and he also has special Star Punches. To get a Star you have to hit an opponent in a certain way, with Disco Kid it's after one of his posed punches. Dodge it, wham him, and you've got a star in your meter. Once you've collected one, you can hit the A button while swinging to unleash a devastating punch. Just like in the NES version, you'll lose a star if you get punched."

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