Top 5 Final Fantasy Characters

As a huge Final Fantasy fan who is fiending for the next adaption of the series, I thought I would pass a very small amount of waiting time by constructing my Top 5 list of the best Final Fantasy Characters. This list is based on my own opinion, but I like hearing from fellow fans so let me know what you think, either in the comments below or by emailing me at [email protected]

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Mucudadada3493d ago

This list is gunna piss off some of some of the 2D purist..

specialguest3493d ago

Out of all of the unique characters FF6 had to offer, none of them made it on the top 5... fail.

Tony P3493d ago

This would piss off anyone who played more than two FFs, I think.

Cheeseknight283493d ago

Top 5 Final Fantasy Characters? They should change the title to "Top 5 Final Fantasy Characters from the Two Games in the Series I've Played".

Timesplitter143493d ago

that's exactly what I was thinking, even if I have only played FF7 and FF10 too.

But I'm pretty sure that little wizard guy with glowing yellow eyes should be there too

BigMassacre3493d ago

Needs more Locke, Kefka, Cecil, Vincent, Cid (FF7), and Kuja.

C'mon, man. Sephiroth is cool and all, but he and Cloud don't need to top every darn list.

i_i_n3493d ago

agreed. i think cecil/cain or locke should be up there no doubt. so many others seem to be overlooked by cloud & sephiroth who make an appearance in the list each and every time.

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The story is too old to be commented.