Internet Leaks Appear to Confirm $99 PS2 for April 5, 2009

Images leaked on web show that the system will be available for $99 starting on April 5 likely to coincide with April NPD and the DSi launch.

After launching in late 2000, Sony's PS2 looks like it is finally about to dip below the $100 threshold in the United States. Images leaked on to the internet from retail computers suggest that the PS2 will drop to $99.99 on April 5. The date is the start of the first full week in Sony's new fiscal year, the start of NPD's tracking period for April, and the debut for the DSi which Sony will want to offset. At $130, the $30 price drop represents nearly a 25% price drop for the PS2 and may foreshadow a PS3 price cut later in the fiscal year ending March 2010.

Some more proof of this

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PoSTedUP3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

one last push b4 the mighty ps2 gets taken out the game.

great console with some of the most memorable games ever.

*salutes Sony & the ps2*

IdleLeeSiuLung3543d ago

They need to lower the price more. A price of $99 is still not low enough for me to purchase one. I want one! Lots of PS2 games I would like to play.

PoSTedUP3543d ago

i honestly think that thats the lowest its gunna drop to. possibly they will drop it to 75$ like the very last year but i doubt it...

100$ is cheap and the games right now are like DIRT CHEAP.

save your money dog its totally worth it.

STK0263543d ago

If you cant afford to pay 100$ (about the price of 2 PSP/Wii/PS2/PC games)for one if not the best console ever, then what can you afford?

Dragun6193543d ago

Wow, I hope that wasn't the big secret annoucement on tuesday.

And @IdleLeeSiuLung
Like do you not have a PS2? It had the most amazing games ever on one console especially rpgs. hell, if you need it to go cheaper you can get a used one for $70 at gamestop.

Shadow Flare3543d ago

Wait a minute. . . so 9 years on and you still haven't bought a ps2 because it's still too expensive for you? You've just missed out on an entire generation of gaming, nay, one of the best consoles to grace this planet. And its still too expensive for you? When do you plan on getting a ps3, when the internet has articles about the leaked specs of the playstation 5?

Anyway, good news for the ps2. Hopefully a ps3 price cut will come this half of the year

Aclay3543d ago

"They need to lower the price more. A price of $99 is still not low enough for me to purchase one. I want one! Lots of PS2 games I would like to play."

How in the world do you not have a PS2? It's rare that I've heard someone say they didn't have a PS2... seriously, what games where you playing last generation if you didn't have a PS2?... I mean, the last gen. the Xbox and Gamecube only had a pretty limited selection of games.

Anyways, if you want the PS2 to drop lower in price, more than likely it WON'T. Hurry up and get a PS2, you've already missed out on so many awesome games long enough.

d3vad3543d ago

My god, you are one cheap bastard if you can't afford a PS2 at $130 let alone $100. I can't believe you don't own one already!

TheDude2dot03543d ago

You guys are possibly the easiest people to troll in the world. That guy is obviously being sarcastic. Does everything need to have </sarcasm> at the end for you people to realize that?

Sarcasm3543d ago

I wonder how many "The PS2 is doomed" or "Sony is desperate" articles will pop up because of the PS2 price drop.

Danja3543d ago

great news I might just buy another one...

WhittO3543d ago

i did have a ps2, but didnt play it, i only had like the worst games (like star trek games etc), i didnt know about God of War or any of the other great games to play, so i just sold my ps2 coz i never played it.

Then i started to hear about the ps3 and found out about all these games etc, im so glad i bought a ps3 when it came out, ps2 backwards combatable FTW!!!

2Negativecool3542d ago

I would prefer the PS2's price stay the same to offset any losses incurred by the NEEDED price drop of the PS3.

Just sayin...

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GiantEnemyFlop3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

meh , i thought it will be the ps3

oh will, at least the king stile alive after 10 years and going strong, i think it will not die untile the ps4 come out

PoSTedUP3543d ago

i dunno. if the sales begin to decline too much they will stop production. ill give it another 2 years or so. the ps1 i think lasted 11-12 years so ya never know...

Danja3543d ago

actually Sony stopped production on the PS1 in 2001 Because the PS1 was still outselling the PS2 for awhile and they wanted PS1 TO PS2 migration to speed up but 3rd party devs continued to support the PS1 for many years after though

Arsenal4Ever3543d ago

No, Sony stopped production on the PS1 in 2005, that's 11 years from 1994.

darthdevidem013543d ago

This is big guys

The KING of all consoles is coming back with a FINAL BANG!

ceedubya93543d ago

It never went anywhere. It just keeps on trucking.

pwnsause3543d ago

i guess this is the news from sony.

No FanS Land3543d ago

I just hope no. But it seems like it. *crosses fingers*

Sarick3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

They can sale a PS2 for $99 but not sale a PS3 with PS2 BC for $399

What does that chip cost to put on a ps3 $10 because I'm sure the controller, DVD drive and power supply have a large percentage of the $99 PS2 cost.

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