The Periodic Table of Controllers

So there was the Periodic Table of Game Characters, and that spawned numerous imitators and spinoffs. Now we've graduated to the Periodic Table of Controllers: Console peripherals on top, handheld controls at the bottom.

Given my admittedly limited understanding of the actual periodic table, this arrangement would make the Sega Saturn the most reactive controller, and the Atari Pong controller the most inert. Hey, that actually almost fits.

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xabmol3490d ago

Copied, printed, and thumb tacked to wall.

M_Prime3489d ago

the numbering is messed.. they repeat 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40.

also VIRTUAL BOY was nintendo.. i like how they ommited that..

otherwise totally awsome..

PS, i was unaware of some of the earlier systems as well as all teh handhelds out there.. at one point or another.

G4drake3489d ago

cool, and you learn a little more about it