What is Sony going to announce on Tuesday?

PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "As I'm sure you are all aware, Sony have a "Big PS3 Announcement" on Tuesday and as you might have guessed, its beginning to generate some hype which many people debating what it could be. We have come up with a few idea's on what they might be about to announce."

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GiantEnemyFlop3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

in sony we trust

Jinxstar3489d ago

On the contrary it's probably not all that big. I hope it's something big like GOW3 release date but really I think they would save anything big for a conference and not give it as a bone to kotaku of all sites...

Milky Joe3489d ago

It's probably something bigger than big. It's probably something... really big.

Jamegohanssj53489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

"In December I remember making a thread about leak Inside Info. According to that:

This Has TO be Price Cut

Remember this rumor from November, Everything came true , only one left is a price cut?

"LittleBigPlanet & MotorStorm coming to PSP
Our source also confirmed that LittleBigPlanet PSP is definitely in development and that Media Molecule have been working on it for four months. Footage was shown to attendees, though Alex Evans allegedly wasn’t prepared to show it himself because it was such an early build. “It looked good, obviously not PS3 good, but missing the level of detail that you get in a final release” says Legends.

MotorStorm PSP is on the way and ‘target footage’ was shown. No more details on that one.


"Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 & God of War 3 info
A 30 second clip of in-game footage of Uncharted 2 was shown displaying Drake being shot at, followed by an explosion. No full title or location was revealed though our source tells us that he did spot a wall with a line of 4 or 5 Aztec masks. Don’t expect a huge graphical leap though - “Looks the same as Uncharted 1, no bad thing”, says our source.

The intro to Killzone 2 was also shown off which “showed the character from the original trailer and a Helghan leader”. “Paints a picture of the world a bit more,” says Legends.

Finally our source revealed that God of War 3 was “masterfully shown at the end”, and that it looked so good our source wasn’t clear whether it was CGI or not!

The trailer showed Kratos wielding his swords and fighting off hoards of skeletons and Cyclops’s, before catching a ride on an eagle, and killing it when he got dropped off. The final scene showed Kratos looking up to a long dark, deep cavern, presumed to be Mount Olympus.

“Some of it looked like it could be in-game action because of the camera angles, but it all looked so good that it couldn’t be. CGI or not, everyone was pumped up by this. The anticipation is growing. God of War 3 could be amazing.”"


"Price cuts coming in March, PS3 performing better in PAL territories than 360
Our source tells us that SCEE President David Reeves took to the stage to discuss the current economic climate and how it shouldn’t affect PlayStation business, though was quick to mention that SCEE will be getting more competitive in price from March 2009 onwards. Our guess is that we’ll be seeing price cuts to PS3 around Easter to tie in with the release of Killzone 2…

Reeves then went on to say that the PS3 has a bigger install base than the 360 in PAL territories, and that the install base gap will significantly increase in 2009. Apparently SCEE is the success story of the SCE divisions, generating more profit than SCEA and SCEJ. 2008 sees it ‘in the black’ in profit our source revealed. Apparently there are more technological innovations to come for both PS3 and PSP, but details weren’t disclosed. "


Also Add 30& dollar Price Cut for PS2 = 99$ PS2


UltraNova3489d ago

How do you work for mate Pachter? lol

Lets wait and see, if its the long awaited price cut it will be an interesting month to wait for sales figures!

BTW our Sayian buddies only god up to SSj4! Unfortunately, I have seen a sneak preview of the DB movie and I was utterly..NOT disappointed! Why? Because I expected it to be a major pile of crap and guess what? IT WAS!!

There are rumors going around that they are considering to do another DB animated season, with a more serious DBZ vibe, Goku will not be the protagonist but a descendant of his. The last DB animated movie also hinted the idea. Hope the japanese team does it and not Fun-animation..

raztad3489d ago

Please, please Sony NO more games! Way too many awesome exclusives games for this year, my wallet and my little to no free time cant keep up. :D I really love "my precious" PS3.

Im hoping something firmware related. PS3 browser could use some stability fixes. A price cut see me unlikely, but yet possible. Two more days and we will know.

I hope this is not some nasty April fool joke.


I_am_rushin3489d ago

People are getting WAAAAY to hyped up for this. Sony never said they had a big announcement only that they had one.

Jamegohanssj53489d ago

UltraNova- Nice icon first of all. I get my sources from sources ; ).

Also I knew that the DBZ movie wasn't going to be too good when I saw who was playing Goku. I was like WTF?! I'm still going to see it seeing as I have been a fan since I was a little boy toy.

I didn't hear of that rumour, but if it's true, than I am so excited. I am hoping for Gohan to be the main character. The GT crap was weak and worse than the Buu Saga. There was a movie released last year in Japan, but I forgot the name of it. I still want to see it.

I also added a picture of Gohan SSJ5. >> when I saw it my 7th grade year I was psyched even though it's AF.


MmaFanQc3489d ago


Omegasyde3489d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Everquest is coming to the PS3. :-O

Wizeguy213488d ago

So check this out. Do you really think its a price cut.. I mean the ps2 is getting a price cut.. Sony hasn't confirmed this.. But we already know since ads and what not. Wouldn't you think we would find out about a ps3 price cut the same way! Im guessing firmware!

Freak of Nature3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

PS3 Slim and Lite,PS3 Price Cut,new firmware....?

A price cut could have been announced at GDC.Or at E3 in two Months.

A PS3 Slim announcement would seem to fit best at a trade show,like E3.

It's all a quessing game really.

A "dream major announcement",for me would be a game...How about finally unveiling that game the BBC reporter swooned over last year?

Continuing on in "dream mode" I would also love to hear/see anything on Team Ico's next game,or a next Jak game? ......Ok dream mode off...

RememberThe3573488d ago

or nothing really special at all.

King_many_layers3488d ago

I see alot of you guys talking about games being announced, but I simply don't understand why they would announce a game or such.

IMO it's hopefully to be another firmware update.

iraqmilner3488d ago

Hopefully it is that they are dropping out of the console race and focusing on their software line.

aueslander3488d ago

Its bad enough to see that jackass on youtube now we have to see his ugly ass mug here.

dude_uk3488d ago

whatever happened to the secret PS3 game the BBC guy was talking about???... =/

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Zeus Lee3489d ago

Acquisition of Gabe Newells 3rd Chin

Avenged Sevenfold3489d ago

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bubbles dude, bubbles.

staub913489d ago

Funniest thing I've read on N4G in a long time.


xabmol3489d ago

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Sarcasm3488d ago

LOL one of the rare comments that actually make me laugh in real life

bee24273488d ago

Gabe Newell ate his own foot... reading all the sony hate comments from back in the day, everyone who posted one probably look just like Gabe


MmaFanQc3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

open your mouth and eat the cake fatass!

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interrergator3489d ago

im dyin to know maybe not that big but i hope its huge

i_i_n3489d ago

*crosses fingers for something big*